AS Biology Cell membrane experiment

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  1. What is the independent variable?
    temperature of water
  2. What is the dependent variable?
    % transmission of light through resulting solution
  3. What variable need to be controlled in the beetroot experiment? ( 5 marks)
    • Volume of distilled water added to the beetroot
    • Time left in water 
    • Size of beetroot piece
    • Type of beetroot used
    • Beetroot storage condition
  4. Describe the experiment for the how temperature effects beetroot permeability and the correlation seen? ( 7 marks)
    • Cut 5 equal pieces of beetroot using a cork borer and knife.
    • Place the beetroot into distilled water overnight to remove any dye released in preparation.
    • Wash and blot dry the beetroot.
    • Place 5cm3 distilled water into 5 boiling tube and place each boiling tube into different water baths which should be set at different temperatures. 
    • Once the water at the desired temperature add beetroot to each of the boiling tube and leave it for 30 minutes.
    • Remove the beetroot and shake the tube to disperse the dye.
    • Use a colorimeter to measure the intensity of dye.
    • The higher the absorbance the more pigment released and so the higher the permeability of the membrane.

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AS Biology Cell membrane experiment
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AS Biology experiments
AS Biology experiments
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