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  1. what is the purpose of staining blood smears?
    so RBC , WBC and platelets can be microscopically viewed.
  2. What specimen can be used to prepare blood smears?
    • Capillary blood with no anticoagulant
    • Venous blood with EDTA w/in 2 hours of blood collection.
  3. what blood components can be viewed on stained smear?
    • RBC
    • WBC
    • Platelets
  4. what are 5 errors to avoid when making a blood smear?
    • Smear is:
    • too thin or too long
    • too thick or too short
    • Ridges waves in smear
    • Holes
    • Uneven cell distribution
    • Artifacts or unusual cell appearance
  5. Name two commonly used blood stains?
    • Wright
    • Giemsa
  6. How should a properly stained smear appear?
    • pinkish-blue to the naked eye
    • microscopically: RBC: pink-tan
    • nucleus or central structure: purpleĀ 
    • Cytoplasm: very from pink to blue, or blue-gray
    • depending on the cell type.
  7. Name the three factors that can affect staining results?
    • pH variation
    • timing
    • characteristic of stain or buffer
  8. Smears that are too pink can be caused by?
    • stain time: too short
    • wash time: too long
    • pH of stain or buffer: too acidic
  9. Smears that are too blue can be caused by?
    • over staining
    • wash or buffer time: too short
    • pH of the stain or buffer: to alkaline
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