History 19

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  1. why and where was the Dust Bowl
    • why: Because of poor agriculture and a saver drought
    • Where:  the great plains
  2. Who rote The Grapes of Wrath
    John Steinbeck's
  3. who was called the Great Humanitarian
    Herbert Hoover
  4. What was the date of Black Tuesday
    October 29, 1929
  5. Who promised a "New Deal" to America
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
  6. What was a vague, unclear recommendation for an economic recovery
    "New Deal"
  7. What is the term for when people lose confidence in a bank and rush to withdraw their money
    Bank Rush
  8. Who was Known for his fireside chats over the radio
    Franklin Roosevelt
  9. what British social economist developed the idea that the government can live beyond its means(socialist economics or the tax and spend program)
    John M. Keynes
  10. what was the purpose of the Tennessee Valley Authority
    to control flooding, conserve soil, and bring hydroelectric power to the mid-South
  11. what encouraged government paid farmers not to plant crops or graze live stock
    Agricultural Adjustment Act
  12. What program insisted that people work before they received government money
    Works Progress Administration
  13. what provided jobs, reforestation, and water conservation for young men
    Civilian Conservation Corps
  14. 1938 legislation dictated work week not to exceed 40 hr.
    Fair Labor Standards Act
  15. Established a government fund for unemployment and old age
    Social Security Act
  16. What administration was established to control wages and prices and to limit competition among businesses
    National Recovery Administration
  17. How did labor organization force employers to bargain with the union
    by threatening violence and the destruction  of private property, labor organizers forced employers to bargain with the union
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