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  1. compete in an election for an official position
    stand for
  2. introduce
    bring in
  3. abolish or get rid of
    do away with
  4. do sth to stop or limit a particular activity (+ noun)
    clamp down (clampdown)
  5. defend sth that you believe is important
    stand up for
  6. start to do sth (+ noun)
    go ahead (go-ahead)
  7. support
    back sb up
  8. officially agree to do sth
    enter into
  9. state opinions forcefully and refuse to change your mind or do what others want
    stand up to
  10. 1) do sth you have been told to do 2) do sth you have said you will do
    carry out
  11. continue to support
    stand by
  12. continue to support
    stick by
  13. stop being part of a group because you disagree with them or do not want to be controlled by them
    break away
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Unit 68 of Phrasal Verbs In Use (Power and Authority)
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