Delta Interview

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  1. How to you get to this seat today
    This is the tell me a little bit about yourself and the why are you a pilot question.
  2. Maintenance has been called to your airplane. You let the captain know and he tells you to make a PA about a weather delay.
    Think AND not OR and make a PA with information about both situations.  It doesn't affect Legality, Efficiency, Team Work, or Safety.

  3. What do you do to prepare for a flight?
    • Come fit for duty: (I'M SAFE)
    • when you come to work, you acknowledge that:
    • • you are adequately rested
    • • you are physically and mentally ready to do your job
    • • you are compliant with Delta’s drug and alcohol policies
    • • you will be alert and attentive in performing your duties safely
    • • you will encourage your colleagues to engage in safe practices if they are doing otherwise
  4. When was Delta Air Lines formed?
    1928 to provide safe, professional service with honesty and integrity
  5. Does Delta Air Lines have a procedure for every event?
    No. We must know the core values, expectations, and goals of the company to make well informed decisions with good judgment.
  6. What do you do if you don't understand something?
    Ask a lead and suggest ways to improve safety
  7. Who do you talk to if you feel someone is not following company policy or is not safe?
    Delta ethics and compliance hotline
  8. What assistance does Delta offer to employees with substance abuse problems?
    Substance Abuse Recovery Program
  9. How do you maintain a safe work environment?
    • Safety responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • following all safety, security and environmental health policies and procedures
    • reporting all hazardous conditions or unsafe equipment, any injuries, illnesses, damage or near misses
    • • using safety equipment
    • refraining from the use of any equipment without both proper instructions and authorization
  10. Delta works to minimize it's environmental foot print.  What is my responsibility in that endeavor?
    know and comply with the environmental laws and policies that pertain to your work and report concerns regarding unsafe or environmentally hazardous conditions
  11. Your captain shows up to the hotel van in the morning appearing to be intoxicated.  What do you do?
    • Three strikes:
    • LETS
    • Get him out of the public eye.
    • 1. Have you been drinking?
    • 2. You need to go back to your room and call in sick?  I will help you to your room and work out the rest of the details of the flight with crew scheduling.
    • 3.  You have to call in sick.  There is help for you but you cannot show up to work intoxicated because you will lose your job.  If you don't call in sick I will have to do it for you.
  12. What are your holding speeds for alt remember jet aircraft?
    • 265 - 14,001+
    • 230 - 6,001-14,000
    • 200 - 6,000 -
    • AIM 5-3-11
  13. What is specific range and what effects it?
    • Specific range is the distance an aircraft travels per unit of fuel consumed. Typically this is expressed in NM/lb = TAS/Fuel Flow.
    • Speed (away from L/D max), Altitude (air density), Weight
  14. How to perform a circling missed approach?
    The pilot should make an initial climbing turn toward the landing runway and continue the turn until established on the missed approach course.  AIM 5−4−55
  15. What are limit, and ultimate load factor and where do we find them?
    • Limit load factor is permanent deformation limit.
    • Ultimate load factor is structural failure limit.
    • Both are expressed on the v-n/v-g diagram aka the safety of flight envelope.
  16. What factors contribute to risk of compressor stall?
    • FOD
    • Ice or dirt buildup
    • Crosswinds/disrupted intake air
    • Slow speed high power setting
    • Hot air intake
  17. How is Indicated airspeed determined?
    Total pressure (ram-air pressure) - static pressure (still air)
  18. True airspeed is:
    Ground speed corrected for wind component.
  19. Equivalent airspeed is:
    CAS corrected for compressibility error
  20. Calibrated airspeed corrects IAS for which errors
    Installation, position, instrument errors (usually only a few knots)
  21. Mach is the ratio between
    TAS/LSS = Mach
  22. What affects local speed of sound?
    Speed of sound primarily decreases with temperature on Earth.
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