that's english modulo 6 unit 6-0

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  1. de confianza
    reliable [rɪˈlaɪəbl]

    trustworthy [ˈtrʌstˌw3ːðɪ]

    the person you can trust
  2. que opinas de el?
    What do you think of him?
  3. what do you think about him?
    He’s hard-working. 

    He’s extremely untidy and not very reliable. 

    he’s ambitious and he wants to do well for the company.
  4. llevarse bien con
    get on well with

    You get on well with your colleagues at work, don’t you?
  5. prosperar
    do well for yourself or something

    he wants to do well for the company
  6. desordenado, descuidado
    untidy [ʌnˈtaɪdɪ] 

    ADJ[(compar untidier); (superl untidiest) ]
  7. buenos compañeros
    You’re good mates, aren’t you?
  8. no es mi amigo
    He’s not a friend of mine 

    he’s just a work colleague. I like him.
  9. estas bromeando
    You’re joking!
  10. un amigo de mi esposo
    A friend of my husband'
  11. llevar , acercar a un sitio
    bring [sth/sb]  over

    • i'll bring them over when they are ready
    • los los acercare cuando estén listo ( una bebida el camarero lo dice que la lleva a la mesa)
  12. comportarse
    behave [bɪˈheɪv]

    you behaved badly towards a client

    towards ( con, con relación)
  13. compañero de piso
    flatmate [ˈflætmeɪt]
  14. propiedad
    property [ˈprɒpətɪ]

    i like to view the property
  15. a excepción
    expect for

    expect for the boss
  16. impaciente
    • impatient [ɪmˈpeɪʃənt]
    • You shouldn't be so impatient or aggressive.
  17. expresion, darle una patada en el culo o echar a patadas
    She needs a kick up the bum.
  18. saltar el respeto
    • rude 
    • if clients are rude to you, you should stay calm, shouldn't you?
  19. datos personales
    • contact details
    • You didn't take her contact details, did you? 

    detail [ˈdiːteɪl]
  20. disculparse
    • apologize [əˈpɒlədʒaɪz]
    • I'll ring her and apologise.
  21. pelearse
    You should never fall out with a client. It’s unprofessional.
  22. echemos un vistazo
    Let’s have a look around
  23. repugnante
    • revolting [rɪˈvəʊltɪŋ]
    • What a revolting lamp!
  24. leonera, desorden, desastre
    What do you think of this? It's a mess, isn’t it? mess [mes]
  25. deshacerse
    • get rid of
    • /rɪd/

    I suppose this room could be okay if we got rid of this horrible wallpaper.
  26. discutir
    • argue [ˈɑːgjuː]
    • Gary! You mustn't argue with the client.
  27. arrendar alquilar
    rent out

    it's perfect for renting out to students
  28. advertir
    give warning

    • I’ve got to give you a final warning. 
    • te lo he advertido
  29. tacaña agarrado
    mean  1[miːn] 

    • ADJ[(compar meaner); (superl meanest) ]
    • I believe she's mean and dishonest. 

    you mean things¡

    que tacaño eres
  30. inquilino
    tenant [ˈtenənt]

    A close friend of mine used to be a tenant of Ms Walsh's.
  31. pagar por
    pay sth on

    • She paid her a deposit on the room that she rented. She kept the flat clean. She paid the
    • rent on time, and she didn't break anything. But when she came to leave, she didn't give
    • her her deposit back.
  32. mostrar tus sentimientos
    You shouldn’t show your personal feelings at work.
  33. no pasara otra vez
    It won’t happen again.
  34. me alegra oir eso
    I'm glad to hear it.
  35. suelo confiar en mi primer instinto con la gente
    I usually trust my first instincts with people 

    I do trust my first impressions of people 

  36. tienes razón
    you're right about that
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