Bio Lecture 13 Biotechnology

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  1. this process uses an electrical current to move DNA through a gel matrix based on size
    gel electrophoresis
  2. this is the more technical term used by scientists to describe the carrier DNA molecule used when cloning genes
  3. Scientists don't look at all the possible fragments when performing this technique but focus on differences found in pieces of DNA that form repeating patterns in the DNA
    DNA fingerprinting
  4. this field of biotechnology involves inserting genes, deleting genes, or manipulating the action of genes in order to cure or lessen the effect of genetic diseases
    gene therapy
  5. this field is a collection of techniques that result in the ability to directly manipulate the genetic info of an organism
  6. the technique used to accomplish cloning in vertebrates is called
    somatic cell nuclear transfer
  7. these cells have not yet completed determination or differentiation. They have the potential to develop into many different cell types
    stem cells
  8. there has been great success in using genetically modified bacteria to clean up oil spills and toxic waste dumps called
    bio remediation
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Bio Lecture 13 Biotechnology
Bio Lecture 13 Biotechnology
Bio Lecture 13 Biotechnology
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