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  1. During which stage do 2 tRNAs properly align their two amino acids so that they may be chemically attached to one another?
  2. when a DNA sequence is transferred into a host cell from another cell, the resulting new form of DNA is called
    recombinant DNA
  3. this occurs when insertions or deletions cause the ribosome to read the wrong sets of 3 nucleotides
  4. if a drug interferes with the activities of transfer RNA, which one of the following is likely to occur?
    proteins will not be produced
  5. this circular piece of DNA is an example of a vector that is used to carry DNA into bacterial cells
  6. this is the process a cell goes through to become a particular cell type, based on the proteins that it expresses and is more-or-less a permanent condition
  7. DNA that contains "foreign" genes from another organism
    is called recombinant DNA
  8. this procedure makes possible the synthesis of large quantities of proteins
    recombinantDNA technology
  9. DNA replication occurs during
    S phase of interphase
  10. when a gene picks up nucleotides to build its noncoding strand, this is known as
    DNA replication
  11. this term describes how cells display their genetic characteristics
    gene expression
  12. equivalent segments of DNA are exchanged between chromosomes as a result of
  13. this procedure is a technique used to generate large quantities of DNA from minute amounts for analysis
    polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  14. the laboratory procedure for copying selected segments of DNA is
    the polymerase chain reaction
  15. these enzymes have the ability to cut DNA at places where specific sequences of nucleotides occur
  16. bacterial cells pick up a recombinant DNA by taking it in through their outer cell boundaries using a process called
  17. the most important applications of this technology involves the insertion of genes the make a crop plant
    resistant to herbicides
  18. "Since every cell in this patient's body has the same genetic change, it is most likely that..."
    he acquired this change from one of his parents
  19. these are used as the basis of comparison when two samples of DNA are suspected of being from the same person
    variable number tandem repeats (VNTRs)
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Bio Misc. cards from 10-13
Bio Misc. cards from 10-13
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