oil heat review question 32

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  1. upflow furnace has it's return where
    on the bottom
  2. what # oil is the most common in heating oil
  3. how much heat BTU is produced with 1 gallon of #2 heating oil
  4. when hydrocarbons unit rapidly with oxygen it is called
    • combustion
    • or
    • rapid oxidation
  5. assuming perfect combustion, how many pounds of oxygen are required to burn 1lb of fuel oil
    • 3 lbs
    • or 
    • 1 to 3 ratio
  6. when fuel oil is broken up into little droplets, it is called
  7. the pump on a residential gun type oil burner is a ___________ pump
    • single stage(has one set of gears pulls and pumps oil, gravity fed)
    • or
    • double stage( two sets of gears)
  8. the fuel oil enters the nozzle through the
    swirl chamber
  9. the circular direction of the air tube  is in ______ direction as the fuel oil in motion
  10. the ignition transformer steps up 120v residential voltage to approximately______v
    10,000 to 14,000
  11. the stack switch or stack relay does what_________
    shuts down the burner if it does not sense heat in the flue
  12. the CAD cell is a safety device that uses which of the following to prove ignition
    light in the combustion chamber
  13. the cad cell is often coupled with
    a triac
  14. a booster pump is often needed when the oil supply tank is ________ below the oil burner
    15 ft
  15. an oil deaerator   is used when
    makes a one pipe system into a two pipe system
  16. a fuel line filter is located where
    between the supply tank and the pump
  17. the heat exchanger in a forced air oil fired furnace does what
    transfer heat from the flue gas to the air to be heated and circulated and keeps the seperate
  18. excessive air is suppllied to the burner to ensure that there will be
    enough oxygen for complete combustuion
  19. to make combustion efficiently tests, a hole must be made _________
    in the flue pipe before the draft control
  20. the net stack temperature is
    the difference between the flue temp and the temp of the air surrounding the furnace
  21. an air temp rise check is performed to determine
    whether or not the airflow is correct across the heat exchanger
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