chapter 34 quiz

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  1. humidification generally relates to the process of causing water to ______ into the air
  2. the steps to aggressively controlling the contamination of indoor air would invole______
    • providing methods for cleaning the air
    • locating and eliminating the source of contamination
    • providing adequate ventilation
  3. what are the relative humidity limits recommended for residents
    40 to 60 %
  4. the controller for a humidifier, a humidistat, has a power element that is __________sensitive
  5. a house that is built on a property that is rich in uranium. the occupants of the house may be______.
    • be more susceptible to lung cancer
    • be exposed to radon gas
  6. if reservoir type humidifiers are not properly maintained, which of the following can be discharged into the air
    • bacteria
    • algae
    • fungi
  7. one of the most common substances that is used as an absorber is _______
  8. mold is usually fond in what conditions
    is usually found in areas where there is moisture and/ or high humidity
  9. carbon monoxide is produced how
    incomplete combustion
  10. disturbed materials containing asbestos should be handled how
    should be removed by a certified or licensed contractor
  11. in the ionizing section of a electronic air cleaner, the particles in the air are
    charged with an electric charge
  12. dust mites are
    microscopic spider like insects
  13. what is the main purpose to adding a humidifier to a heating system
    to replace the moisture that is removed by the heating equiptment
  14. when does the humidifier cycle
    when the blower is active in the heating cycle
  15. what is radon
    radioactive gas
  16. formaldehyde by products are found where
    • in press-board furniture
    • carpets
  17. what should the first step in regards to cleaning mold
    remove the source of moisture
  18. what is produced by incomplete combustion
    carbon monoxide
  19. auto exhaust produces
    carbon monoxide
  20. the process of removing air by natural or mechanical means is what
  21. humidifiers must have what to to perform corectly
    • be installed correctly
    • be serviced regularly
    • use clean water
  22. what season is the air drier
  23. a humidistat  has a ______ element and is generally used to control a humidifier
    moisture control
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