How did Hitler Become Chancellor

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  1. 1932
    Nazis became the largest party in the Reichstag
  2. Hindenburg Refusal
    He refused to let Hitler become Chancellor even though Hitler being the leader of the biggest party should of been appointed
  3. Usual Appoint
    The President normally invites the leader of the largest party to become Chancellor.
  4. SA
    Increased violent street demostrations against the government, to pressure them into making Hitler chancellor
  5. Risk of Civil War
    Germany was on the point of civil war because people were desperate for Hitler to become Chancellor.
  6. Papen's Aim
    To gain power again, therefore he tried to convince Hindenburg to appoint a Hitler-Papen government
  7. The Original Plan
    That Papen would be able to control Hitler as vice chancellor- Hitler wasn't very powerful at this time- they underestimated him
  8. The Deal
    Made between Von Papen, Hindenburg and Hitler in order to solve the unrest in the Reichstag from the Nazi officials .
  9. Hindenburg Giving In
    By 1933 Hindenburg was forced to relent. No-one he appointed could govern effectively, so "The Deal" was made
  10. Vice Chancellor
    What Franz Von Papen would become in "The Deal"
  11. Chancellor
    What Hitler would become in "The Deal"
  12. 30th January 1933
    Hitler became the CHANCELLOR of Germany
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