Night of the Long Knives

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  1. Night Of the Long Knives
    Saw the wiping out of the SA's leadership and others who had angered Hitler in the recent past in Nazi Germany.
  2. SS
    Since the SA was being wiped out it only made them more powerful
  3. Army Oath (of allegiance)
    Was achieved after the night. The army feared the SA so pleadged loyalty to Hitler once he'd wiped them out
  4. Army and Hitler Deal
    Army hated Röhm, he was also 'threat to Hitler'. He and the army made a deal that if he was killed the army would swear the oath of allegiance
  5. Consolidated Power
    Was achieved as the Night of the Long Knives sent out a very clear message to anyone thinking of opposing Hitler
  6. Ernst Rohm
    Died because he was a threat to Hitler and other Nazi officials power. Was killed during the Night of the Long Knives
  7. June 1934
    When the Night(s) of the Long Knives took place. No one knows official night as the arrests and kilings continued for many days
  8. Increased Respect
    For Hitler, because by killing the controversial and violent SA he seemed to be doing good by his country
  9. Clear Message
    Was sent to political enemies in the Night of the long knives. Deterred any opposition from speaking out
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