Persecution Of Minorities

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  1. Gypsies
    Were considered non-Aryan and workshy
  2. Final Solution
    Was plan to murder all of the Jews in Europe and this was the aim of the Nazis
  3. 1943 Wansee Conference
    Meeting which agreed upon the 'official' start of the Final Solution. Although mass Jewish murder had already started
  4. Einsatzgruppen
    Special killing units were appointed for mass shootings of the persecuted minorities
  5. 1938 Kristallnacht
    Thousands of Jewish Synagogues, shops and businesses were destroyed in a night of violence
  6. Eugenics
    Race 'science' practised by Nazis who claimed this science proved the superority of the Aryan race
  7. Boycott
    Nazis encouraged people to avoid Jewish shops and businesses. This started from 1933
  8. 1935 Nuremberg Laws
    Removed all rights as citizens from Jews
  9. Undesirables
    People in society who the state felt had no purpose. Included single mums, gays and alcoholics
  10. Star of David
    Jewish symbol. Jews were forced to wear it daily to make them stand out against the masses
  11. Black/Disabled People
    Were sterillised to stop them from having children
  12. Curfews
    Jews had to be in their homes by a certain time at night.
  13. Ghettos
    Fenced in areas where Jews were forced to live in terrible conditions. Most inhabitants were sent off to concentration camps
  14. Genocide
    Deliberate destruction of a entire race of people. It's how the Nazis wanted to deal with Jews.
  15. Jehovah's Witnesses
    Many refused to join the army or be loyal to the Nazi Government. So went sent to concentration camps
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