Propaganda Through Mass Media

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  1. The Hitler Cult
    Hitler was portrayed as a hero and this was reflected in Nazi Germany history book, media and education
  2. The Volk
    Name for Idealised image of German people. This image was central to Nazi Propaganda
  3. Militaristic
    Nazis projected a military image through rallies, SS, Posters. Because the Nazis wanted to remilitarise Germany
  4. The Trimph of the Will
    Just one example of famous Nazi propoganda films. Most of which made Jews look evil
  5. Jewish Artists
    e.g Writers, Composers and Painters, were forbidden. As they were 'enemies' to Nazism. Many fled Germany for other countries.
  6. 70% (of Radios in Homes)
    Of German homes owned a radio. The highest figure in the world
  7. 1939
    The Second World War Begins
  8. 1936 Olympics
    Held in Berlin, was seen as a opportunity to show of German Aryan Race and Nazi Germany overall
  9. Aryan Failure
    With Black American sprinter Jesse Ownes winning 4 gold medals. This went against Hitler's theory that his Aryan race was best and blacks inferior
  10. Public Holidays
    Were held for Hitler's birthday and day Hitler came to power. To emphasise how important Hitler was
  11. Leni Riefenstahl
    Nazi film maker who made Triumph of the Will.
  12. Albert Speer
    Nazi chief architect, was responsible for enormous building projects that would reflect the 'glory' of Nazi Germany
  13. Authors
    Were expected to promote Nazi ideals or be neutral
  14. Mass Book Burning
    Books were destroyed to purify the new Germany.
  15. Authority Importance (e.g Town Hall)
    Authority buildings were built in grand designs however resendential houses in folksy style. To emphasise importance of authority
  16. Nazi Parades
    Had strong patriotic atmospheres but were also really impressive. This made ordinary Germans want to belong
  17. Aryan Race
    The Nazi believed 'Master Race'. Meant to have white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair- a Nordic appearance
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