Reichstag Fire

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  1. 27th February 1933
    The date when the Reichstag fire took place
  2. Marinus Van Der Lubbe
    A young, mentally deranged Dutch Communist who was discovered at the Reichstag fire scene and arrested
  3. Communist Blame
    Because Van der Lubbe was a Communist Hitler claimed the fire showed how dangerous the communists were.
  4. Dictatorial Powers
    After the fire Hindenburg agreed that Hitler should of take this power in order to deal with the Communists
  5. Banned Opposition
    The Communist and Social Democratic parties were banned after their connections to the fire
  6. The Reichstag
    The house/seat of the German Parliament
  7. 1933 Emergency powers
    Introduced because of the fire. Hitler used emergency powers to stop Communists taking up seats in the Reichstag
  8. March 1933
    The Nazis had 45% of the vote
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