SS and The Gestapo

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  1. SS
    Was made a independent organisation and it became a very large and powerful force.
  2. Waffen SS
    One part of the SS. They were involved in the armed forces and Military and served alongside the army during WWII
  3. Death's Head Units
    One part of the SS. They ran the concentration and extermination camps during WWII
  4. 50,000
    Number of SS members in 1934
  5. Special Prisoners
    Name for the people the Gestapo could arrest and send to concentration camps without trial
  6. Concentration Camp
    Prison camp used to imprison political prisoners and any threats. Prisoners were used as slave labour and lived in terrible conditions
  7. Extermination Camp
    Used to murder Nazi 'enemies', mainly Jews but also other groups. e.g Homsexuals, Gypsies etc
  8. Secret Police
    Police Force in totalitarian regimes that enforce the political interests of the government. Their infomation is usually gathered by spying on people
  9. Gestapo
    The secret police. They had permission to tap phones, read peoples email and enter private property without warrants.
  10. Blockleiters
    People (Spies) in charge of 40-60 Households .And reported any 'anti-Nazi' behaviour to the Gestapo
  11. Cooperation
    Is what the Gestapo needed fron ordinary German citizens, so they could report any anti-Nazism behaviour
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