The Big Three

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  1. The Big Three
    The victors of the First World War- these victors were the USA, France and Britain
  2. Isolationism
    Policy of non-involvement in world affairs by the USA between WW1 and WWII.
  3. Woodrow Wilson
    American leader during the end of WW1
  4. David Lloyd George
    British leader during the end of WW1
  5. Georges Clemenceau
    French leader during end of WW1. Nicknamed "The Tiger"
  6. America's aims
    Wanted the establishment of the League of Nations to prevent wars. Overall wanted complete peace
  7. France's aims
    Wanted to make Germany weak by imposing HUGE compensation and almost total disarmament
  8. Britain's aims
    Wanted to enlarge its own empire by taking away Germany's land. Overall wanted to still trade with Germany
  9. French revenge
    France really wanted revenge on Germany. Considering France had recieved one of the biggest human and econmic costs of WW1
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