The Other Nazi Party Leaders

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  1. Ernst Rohm
    Leader and founder of the SA. In 1934 fearing that he was going to betray him, Hitler ordered his arrest and death during the Night of the Long Knives
  2. Josef Goebbels
    A leading Nazi. In charge of propaganda and was responsible for spreading the Nazi message in posters, on the radio etc
  3. Heinrich Himmler
    Leader of the SS. He became the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany. Also hugely helped coordinate the Holocaust
  4. Reinhard Heydrich
    Was in charge of the Political Police and was the mastermind behind the Holocaust
  5. Otto Dietrich
    Press chief of Nazi Germany. He worked with Joseph Goebbels in the Propaganda Ministry.
  6. Hermann Goering
    One of the most senior politicians in Nazi Germany. Leader of the Gestapo and commander of the air force
  7. Gregor Strasser
    Re-organized the Nazi party and made it successful. However his power rivaled Hitler's so was murdered in Night of the Long Knives
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