Who supported the Nazis and why

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  1. Middle Class
    They feared the communists and their ideas, so the Nazis appealed to them
  2. Nationalists
    Horrified at Germany's humiliation of WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles. They wanted to make Germany great again
  3. Rich Industrialists
    Terms of Treaty of Versailles meant their factories had to be closed. They feared the communists and wanted a new government
  4. Young People
    Found it hard to get jobs they felt they had no future. The SA attracted them as it offered them (the males) a sense of purpose
  5. Old People
    Worried about their pensions as a result of depression
  6. Fascists
    Saw Weimar government as weak, so they were attracted to the Nazis as it promised a strong goverment with traditionally right-wing views.
  7. Protestants
    The areas they mostly lived had been taken away by the Treaty of Versailles. They were desparate for a party which would help them
  8. People's Party
    Name given to the Nazis because they had support from lots of different groups of people in Germany
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