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  1. E. Ness was the leader of?
    The Untouchables, mission to fight crimes
  2. 3 Federal Solutions for Dust Bowl
    Resettlement Administration, Soil Conservation Service, US Forest service planting trees
  3. R. Fechner is the director of?
    Director of Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)
  4. Treaty of Versailles / Senate Debate
    Internationalists (dems), Reservationists (reps) wanted amendments, Isolationists (mixed) wanted to go home. Ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers at the end of WW1.
  5. What is the Harlem Renaissance?
    An artistic/intellectual movement among blacks
  6. What does the Social Security Act provide?
    Provided old age pension, stipend for widows with children, enemplyoment insurance
  7. What book did J.K. Galbraith write?
    Wrote The Great Crash (why stock market crashed) - overproduction of goods and overextension of credit
  8. What are the 5 Alphabet Agencies?
    NYA, WPA, PWA, CWA, CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp. Supervised by Army. Enrollee = Member)
  9. What book did J. Steinbeck write?
    Wrote The Grapes of Wrath (fiction)
  10. A. Capone is associated with?
    St. Valentines Day Massacre
  11. A.B. Fall was the secretary of what? Good and bad?
    Secretary of Interior, bad: The Teapot Dome Scandal, good: The All-Year National Park
  12. S. Mather was the first director of what?
    First director of National Park Service, See America First
  13. What 2 books did F.S. Fitzgerald write?
    Wrote This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby (hedonism)
  14. What was L. Hughes famous quote?
    Said "I am a negro And beautiful"
  15. T. Charles was the first custodian of what?
    First custodian of White Sands National Monument
  16. What 2 books did E. Hemingway write?
    Wrote Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises
  17. What book did C. McKay write?
    Wrote White Shadows
  18. J. Jack was the first woman custodian of what?
    Capulin Volcano
  19. F. Pinkley became superintendent of?
    Custodian who became superintendent of Southwestern National Monuments
  20. Fair Labor Standards Act introduced what 2 things?
    Introduced 40hr work week, federal minimum wage
  21. F. Perkins was the Secretary of what?
    Woman, Secretary of Labor
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