Chapter 26

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  1. Nikolai Bukharin and the right wing of the communist party favored what?
    A relatively slow industrialization
  2. The Bolsheviks did not enact what law?
    Legitimate children had more rights than illegitimate children
  3. After 1914, Mussolini built his vision of a revolution around what?
  4. Through the Lateran Accord of 1929, Mussolini (the Italian city-state) mad peace with whom?
    The Roman Catholic Church
  5. In 1923, to ensure Germany's payment of war reparations, France sent troops to occupy what?
    The Ruhr
  6. Ramsay MacDonald led Britain first what?
    Labour government
  7. The only central European country to not self-impose an authoritarian government was?
  8. While in prison, Hitler wrote his manifesto, what was it called?
    Mein Kampf
  9. The Weimar Republic gained self confidence from which leader?
  10. A new spirit of hope was brought to Europe by the what?
    The Locarno Agreements
  11. Attempts to revise the Treaty of Versailles did not stem from what?
    French fears of a strong Germany
  12. What is accurate about Mussolini (about his political beliefs)?
    He was a socialist but during WWI he became a nationalist
  13. In 1918, Britain electorate included whom?
    Men aged 21 and Women aged 30
  14. After the treaty of 1921 between Ireland and England, what happened?
    A civil war broke out that lasted until 1923
  15. The Nazis did not insist on what?
    More women rights
  16. What gained new prominence as a result of the war?
    Labor Unions
  17. The Soviet new economic policy tolerated private enterprise in what?
  18. Compared to the other early Bolshevik leaders, Stalin was less....?
    Greatly impacted from his time in exile
  19. Social parties wishing to join the comintern did not have to do what?
    Engage in violent acts of sabotage and provocation
  20. The British General Strike ended when?
    When the miners and the other unions capitulated
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