Test 2 Lecture 16

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  1. Chaco Canyon Phenomenon
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    • located in north western new mexico
    • collection of great houses and kivas
    • emergence of political and ritual sphere
    • epicenter for commercial activities
    • materials coming from far off places like mesoamerica
    • first instance in NA of roads
    • connected and leads all the way up to mesa verde in colorado
    • illustrating connectivity of these different sites
    • specific ceramic production
    • invested in turquoise jewelry
    • communal areas with hierarchy in place
  2. The Great House: Pueblo Bonito (828-1126 AD)
    • ☀most famous great house centered in Chaco canyon
    • ☀documented by James Simpson (1849) (we just adopted more territory from the mexico american war, didnt do much)
    • ☀Richard Wetherill and George Pepper
    • (1896) - excavates, materials went to various institutions in the US
    • ☀impressive multistory architecture
    • wood beams used are way older than the settlement itself
    • ☀Sparse trash middens indicates that people aren't there all the time, not a "settlement", people coming and going, not permanent settlement
    • ☀acquiring ceramics from other parts of the area
    • ☀Cacao from 1,200 km south detected in
    • pottery vessels
  3. Chetro Ketl (990-1150 AD) in chaco canyon
    • some of largest Kiva's
    • not as large as pueblo bonito

    discovered by spanish explorer José Antonio Viczarra (1823)

    James H. Simpson (1849) - documented its existance

    Edgar L. Hewett (1920) - excavated it

    Neil Judd - excavated Pueblo del arroyo
  4. violence and warfare in chaco canyon phenomenon
    • increase in interpersonal violence
    • several areas of ritual killings in great houses
    • disposing of dead are very deliberate
    • some buried in flex positions others are laid as they were in a pile
    • zero symbolic treatment of the dead
    • scalpings, smashed skulls, intentional evidence of killings and abandonment
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