Test 2 Lecture 19

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  1. power definition
    • The ability to control resources in accordance with one’s own interests and/or benefit.
    • - power saturates human relationships
    • - person in power has a lot of agency- not in power means limited agency
    • - exploit power in different ways
    • - we dont have equal power
    • - social organization and social hierarchies
    • - exercised through networks
  2. 3 types of power
    • military
    • economic
    • ideological
  3. how does power manifest archeaologically?
    • resources - food, material, labor, environment
    • health - diffeent diets, less engaged in hard labor, more access to resources
    • mortuary - rituals, burials
  4. economic power definition
    Control over basic resources in order to create or maintain social inequality

    the more people are removed the more dependent people get over others which can lead to social inequality

    ex. irrigation systems, food surplus
  5. military or coercive power definition

    The use or threat of violence to create inequality and maintain control

    • humans have history of physical intimidation and physical violence that manifests archaeologically through public executions, tools and technlogy or inflicting pain and
    • suffering. Walls dont mean violence, but it means someone is concerned

    ex. weapons, walls
  6. Ideological power definition
    Ideas and values thatare strategically used to create inequality and maintain control.

    ex. temples, icons
  7. Hopewell and power?
    • They are building mounds that require people, labor and resources.
    • indicates a presence of a dictating rank ordering who, what, when, and where. 
    • This doesn’t mean its only one person giving the orders, but it could also be an entire group that involves some form of hierarchy and decision making
  8. Other things in Hopewell that indicate social stratification & rank?
  9. The spoke like wheel in Creol mound, individuals for ideological reasons get inscribed into this mound. People of significant rank
    possess head plates, celts, ear spools, and breast plates.
  10. Items of stratification and rank in Hopewell?
    Head plates – significant rank; thinly hammered out copper plates running down the scalp – a decoration for adornment.

    Celts – axe head or ground stone

    head plate and celts not found together

    ear spools and breast plates - below the people with headplates and celts, greater rank than commoners
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