Digestive system procedures/specialists

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  1. Gastroenterologist
    • physician specializing in diseases of the rectum and anus
    • proctology is a surgical subspecialty
  2. Guaiac Test (hemoccult, fecult)
    • special chemical test to identify blood in the stool
    • may be indication of cancer and hemorrhoids
  3. Upper GI series
    • series of X-rays of he esophagus and stomach and small intestines have the patient swallow a "milkshake" of barium. 
    • Barium is opaque (blocks x-rays) 
    • procedure may be used to identify problems with swallowing, stomach ulcers, twisting of the small intestines
  4. Lower GI series
    • a series of X-rays using a barium enema to show the large intestine and rectum
    • used to identify problems such as diverticulitis, diverticulosis and tumors
  5. Endoscopy
    • use of flexible fiberoptic instrument attached to a video camera that can be used to directly visualize the esophagus, stomach and large bowel
    • ex. colonoscopy
  6. Ultrasonography (ultrasound)
    • procedure using high frequency sound waves to visualize internal organs. 
    • priimarily used to visualize abdominal and pelvic organs 
    • ex. pregnant uterus
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Digestive System Procedures/specialists
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