Embryo Transfer

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  1. Why do we use embryo transfer?
    • prevent interruption of mare's performance career
    • get more than one offspring from a mare each year
    • obtain foals from mares that aren't able to maintain pregnancy
    • marketing of embryos
  2. What kinds of embryo transfer are there:
    • surgical
    • non-surgical
  3. disadvantages of ET:
    • need a well trained technician
    • expensive
    • usually can only get one embryo at a time
    • sub-fertile mares are usually less productive
    • aged mares have embryos that has less survivability for ET
  4. What makes ET successful?
    • donor condition
    • recept selection
    • donor preparation
    • estrus synchronization
    • ET technique
    • management of recept
  5. What is regimate?
    a progesterone supplement
  6. What stimulates ovulation?
    • hCG
    • Deslorelin
  7. What needs to be given to recept mare?
    progesterone until accessory CLs develop or the fetus is producing enough to maintain pregnancy
  8. characteristics for selecting a recept:
    • similar in size or larger than donor
    • age 3-10 ideal
    • sound repro history
    • good maternal characteristics
  9. ET scheme:
    • 1. synchronize ovulation
    • 2. breed donor mare (day of ovulation=day 0)
    • 3. flush uterus between day 6-8
    • 4. wash embryo and load into transfer instrument
    • 5. place embryo in uterus of recept mare
  10. for Estrus Synch:
    • leutalise is a common prostaglandin
    • usually given twice, 14 days apart
    • must have a CL
  11. Regumate:
    • exogenous progesterone
    • 10 day or 14 day schematic
    • at end of schematic give Leutalise
  12. Estradiol:
    • given to mares without ovaries
    • helps get recept and donor to similar follicular development and ovulation
  13. What can you do in order to skip the synching process?
    using an Ovect mare progesterone about 2 days after the donor mare but you have to keep giving recept mare progesterone until day 150
  14. How do you prep the donor for ET?
    • day 7 after ovulation
    • tranquilize
    • wrap tail
    • clean out rectum
    • remove from feed or use rectal suppressant
    • scrub vulva
  15. Embryo collection procedure:
    • use Foley Catheter
    • flush mare with 1 liter of collection media
    • siphon each liter out through an embryo collection filter
    • repeat flushing 3-4 times
    • search contents of filter
  16. How do you flush the filter?
    • rinse with serum and search with a microscope
    • do this as quickly as possible
  17. How are embryos graded?
    • according to viability
    • shape
    • zona pellucida
    • no ruptures
    • uniform blasphomeres and not disintegrating
    • Grade 5 is worst
  18. How do you mange a recept mare after ET?
    • keep on a regimate supplement
    • check to see if keeping pregnancy
    • check for growth
  19. How are embryos transported to mares in other places?
    • similar to semen
    • keep in media instead of extender
    • embryo placed in tube instead of syringe or bag
    • cooled in equitainer
    • avg viability is 24 hours
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