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  1. Rhin/o
    • nose
    • ex. rhinitis-inflammation of 
    • rhinorrhea-runny nose
  2. Laryng/o
    • larynx "voice box"
    • laryngotomy-cutting into the larynx
    • laryngectomy-srugically removing the larynx
  3. Trace/o
    • trachea "windpipe"
    • ex. tracheotomy/tracheostomy- temporary and permanent openings
  4. Bronch/o
    • Lung air passageways
    • ex. bronchoscopy-looking into the bronchi
  5. Pne/u, -pnea
    • breath, air , lung
    • ex. tachypnea- accelerated breathing
    • dyspnea- difficult/painful breathing
    • apnea- cessation of breathing
  6. -ptysis
    • spitting/coughing
    • ex. hemoptysis- spitting or coughing up blood from lungs
  7. -plasty
    • reconstruction
    • ex. rhinoplasty- surgical reconstruction of the nose
  8. rhinitis
    inflammation of the nose
  9. rhinorrhea
    runny nose
  10. laryngotomy
    cutting into the larynx
  11. laryngectomy
    surgically removing the larynx
  12. tracheotomy/tracheostomy
    temporary and permanent openings in the trachea
  13. bronchoscopy
    looking into the bronchi
  14. tachypnea
    accelerated breathing
  15. dyspnea
    difficult/painful breathing
  16. apnea
    cessation of breating
  17. hemoptysis
    spitting or couching up blood from the lungs
  18. rhinopasty
    surgical reconstruction of the nose

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Respiratory system tersm
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medical terminology
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