Seasonal Festivals

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  1. What is the Sabbath Day Covenant?
    Six days work may be done, but the seventh day should be a complete rest, a holy convention to Jehovah (Leviticus 23:3)
  2. What is the Passover?
    the day Jehovah killed all those who held the position of firstborn, man & beast in Egypt. But, he passed over the homes with blood on their doorpost & frame (Exodus
  3. What was the situation that caused Jehovah to make provisions for a late Passover?
    some men were made unclean by touching a dead body! (Numbers 9:4-14)
  4. On what day, was the late Passover held?
    in the second month, on the 14th day; Ziv 14 (Numbers 9:9- 11)
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Seasonal Festivals
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Scriptural Insight
Jehovah, the only True God, authorized days in which the Israelites were to have festivals to commemorate & reflect on major events in their history as a nation.
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