History 20

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  1. Who was the dictator that ruled Italy during WWII
    Benito Mussolini
  2. Who was the dictator that ruled Germany during Word War II
    Adolf Hitler
  3. What was the slaughter of 6 million Jews
  4. two men involved with the Nazi-Soviet Pact
    Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin
  5. act passed in 1940 lending Allies money to buy American food and weapons
    Lend-Lease Act
  6. document that laid the foundation for the formation of the United Nations
    Atlantic Charter
  7. event causing the U.S. to enter World War II and When did we enter
    • December 7,1941
    • Japanese Bombing at Pearl Harbor
  8. Name of British Prime Minister who appealed to America for help after the London "Blitz"?
    Winston Churchill
  9. Who murdered over 6 million Jews during the Holocaust?
    Adolf Hitler
  10. What event caused Churchill and Roosevelt to consider Stalin and ally?
    Hitler's invasion on Russia in June 1941
  11. Leader of Italy's Fascist party?
    Benito Mussolini
  12. who did the U.S. hire to perfected the mass production of the supply of "Liberty ships"
    Henry Kaiser
  13. Who built the most enormous room in the history of man
    Henry Ford
  14. what American General led the offense of the Philippines
    General Douglas MacArthur
  15. Who lead the American raid on Tokyo, Japan
    Jimmy Doolittle
  16. What was the first naval battle in which the enemy ships never saw each other.
    Battle of Coral Sea
  17. what was the turning point of the pacific war
    Battle of Midway
  18. what was the name of the second generation Japanese Americans, highly decorated in the U.S. army
  19. which native American used unwritten tribal language as code "code talkers"
  20. What was the outcome of the Battle of Leyte Gulf
    The Japanese lost most of their planes and ships
  21. what happened on June 6 ,1944 and where
    D-Day invasion; France
  22. what was Germanys' last great offensive in the west
    Battle of the Bulge
  23. what was code name of atomic bomb
    Manhattan Project
  24. first city to be bombed with the atomic bomb
  25. what were the Japanese suiside planes called
  26. what is a cold war
    conflict between the ideologies of Americanism and Communism
  27. what was the European recovery plan to combat postwar poverty and unrest
    Marshal Plan
  28. speculation:
    risky investments for a  chance of a quick profit
  29. three reasons why the great depression was so terrible
    • 1.  desire of a few get rich(credit cards)
    • 2.  wide spread of buying goods on credit 
    • 3.  government interfering in the free market 
    •      economy
  30. General Known as "Desert Fox"
    Erwin Rommel
  31. what was the greatest airlift in history
    Berlin Airlift
  32. where was the United Nations Headquarters
    New York
  33. what does NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  34. what General became military governor of Japan after the war and said, "No substitute for victory"
    General MacArthur
  35. what was organized after WWII to promote peace among all nations
    United Nations
  36. what alliance was established between western Europe, Canada, and the U.S. to oppose communism
  37. Alliance formed to appose communism in South East Asia
  38. what doctrine pledged American help for any free nation  threatened by Communist takeover
    Truman Doctrine
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