Marketing Interview Questions

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  1. Which beauty product could represent you in our company?
    • To understand this question, we firstly have to fully familiarize with the characteristics of different beauty products
    • 1. Cleanser e.g) Clarisonic 
    • -unlocking your brightest natural complexion 
    • -the device and formulations come together to synergistically transform the appearance of hyper-pigmentation 色素沉著, discoloration and dullness to a radiant, even complexion with a healthy look from hydrated plumpness.
    • 1. POLISH. Cleanse, remove impurities and improve mirco-circulation;
    • 2. NOURISH. intensely hydrating, replenish moisture
    • 3. BRIGHTEN. reduce dark spots and even skin tone.

    • 2. Toner
    • gently cleanse and soothe normal to oily skin types

    • 3. Eye Cream
    • gently moisturizes the delicate skin of the eye area. Its unique water-in-oil molecule instantly refreshes with a burst of hydration.

    • 4. Mask
    • eliminate surface impurities and toxins from the skin. After use, skin appears more refined with visibly minimized pores.

    • 5. Wrinkle Cream
    • reduces wrinkles, smoothes skin texture and minimizes pores
  2. The DNA of different brands
    • LUXE Division has 12 brands in total- 
    • 1. Lancome
    • Today more than ever, ultra-femininity, emotion,  happiness and beauty are at the very heart of Lancôme’ s DNA. 

    charismatic and fully accomplished women to be its ambassadresses: women with heart. From Julia Roberts to Kate Winslet, from Penélope Cruz to Emma Watson: all are beautiful icons who love life, who are full of energy, and talent ; icons every woman can relate to.

    • 2. YSL
    • Audacity, freedom and modernity, unrestrained Parisian elegance.

    inviting women and men to break the rules, to create their own truths, over and above convention.

    Skincare brings together the most edgy science, glamour and sensory pleasure united around a radical viewpoint: youth is a state of mind that cannot live without science.

    • 3. Armani
    • the belief that beauty and practicality enrich each other.
    • meticulously developed

    • 4. Biotherm
    • Water is the origin of life. Mostly unexplored, the earth's living waters are rich with millions of microorganisms, plankton and algae. Because they share specific biological characteristics and affinity 親和力 with our skin, aquatic active ingredients have the remarkable ability to regenerate, repair and protect it.

    • 5. Kiehl's
    • Started in a New York pharmacy, since 1851, Kiehl's has been producing efficient, highly-concentrated skin care from natural ingredients.

    • 6. Shu Uemura 
    • shu uemura makeup is packaged in an artistic palette containing the latest colors and textures, for natural or more sophisticated looks. The products are simple but always unique. The pure, modern packaging is a window to display the extraordinary variety of color shades, where exciting new technology in color is displayed.

    • founder that “beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin” with shu uemura cleansing ritual cleansing with its legendary oils.
    • perfect harmony with the skin and naturally improve the skin’s metabolism.

    • 7. HR
    • In 1902, Helena Rubinstein revolutionized the world of cosmetics with her new personalized and innovative beauty regime. True to this heritage, the brand continues to expand into new territories, drawing on the most advanced research areas for it's ultra-premium anti-aging treatment: clinical efficacy without any compromise on sensoriality.

    • 8. Clarisonic
    • Clarisonic® an innovative pioneer in the field of skin care presents the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System, the first "sonic cleansing" system for healthy, younger looking skin.
  3. How many Divisions are in L'Oreal? What are their differences?
    • 1. Active Cosmetics Divisions
    • The Active Cosmetics Division brands meets a range of different skin care needs from normal to blemish-proned, in healthcare outlets worldwide, including, pharmacies, drugstores, and medi-spas. . Thanks to its highly complementary brands, developed and endorsed by health professionals - dermatologists, pediatricians, cosmetic doctors - the division is the world leader in dermocosmetics.

    • 2.Professional Product Division
    • The Active Cosmetics Division brands meets a range of different skin care needs from normal to blemish-proned, in healthcare outlets worldwide, including, pharmacies, drugstores, and medi-spas. The division is the world leader in dermocosmetics.

    • 3. CPD
    • The Consumer Products Division makes the best of cosmetic innovation available to the greatest number of people on every continent. Its brands are distributed in mass retailing channels – hypermarkets, supermarkets, drugstores and traditional stores.

    4.L’Oréal Luxe opens a unique world of beauty Its international brands incarnate all the facets of elegance and refinement in three major specializations: skin care, make-up and perfume.

    • 5. The Body Shop
    • The Body Shop has always campaigned with passion on issues close to its heart because activism is in its blood. It has always been Against Animal Testing, and all of its products are 100% cruelty free and 100% vegetarian.
  4. Why L'Oreal?
    - Leading beauty giant in the industry where extensive portfolio developed

    - A huge appreciation in branding management and marketing to avoid internal cannibalization 

    • - Unique insight with beauty blend with edgy and most modernized innovative science
    • - Believe in Beauty for All regardless of races and ages

    - Distinctive Marketing, especially now depicting the trend for Digital Marketing which is the revolutionary trend for Product promotions, customer engagement and branding strategy

    - Expose to multinational working environment where brands from France, USA or Japan meet each other, sparkle with a variety of brand DNAs that beyond imagination
  5. Self-introduction
    • - previously working in Kiehl's in Travel Retail has envisioned me to fully dedicate to Marketing
    • - especially seeing Digital Marketing as the most effective, widely covered and far-reaching trend in Hong Kong and internationals; yet it's also ever-changing and challenging which especially captures me --> good marketing foundations
    • - totally fascinates by the L'Oreal culture where the notion of beauty meets hundreds and thousands of on-the-trend innovations
    • - see the greater opportunity in Local Market where Marketing are more flexible e.g) digital marketing, event marketing and deep investigation to Hong Kong's Marketing culture
  6. Previous working experience
    - essential product marketing e.g) new product launch/ repush - leaflets, website update, magazine writeup, showcards, iPod app update, Educational Signage

    - data analysis - sell-in/ sell-out data extraction through SAP, help updating PPP file

    - GWP proposals, sourcing and offering range of items for managers on selections

    - Event management - BA Seminar, New Store Opening Events 

    - Daily cooperation w/ Merchandising, finance control, logistics and customer services department

    - Response to enquiries from clients such as Shilla, Lotte and King Power

    - Administration assistant- code creation, PPP Closet, warehouse logistics sending and ordering, PO, PR
  7. What is the most capturing Marketing Advertisement you've seen lately?
  8. What is the coming digital marketing trend to you?
    • 1. Value simplicity
    • 2. Image based
    • 3. Rethinking strategy- not massively invested on all channel marketing, but to pin-point the most useful way e.g) Click through? Social Media? Online Ad?
    • 4.Mobile Friendly - on mobile phones/ tablets
    • 5. ***BROWSER COOKIES Ad Retargeting would be the trend
    • 6. Global Shopper Trend- Internationalisation in Hong Kong's beauty products
  9. What is Digital Marketing to you?
    Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices (computers) such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets TV and game consoles to engage with stakeholders.

    A component of Digital marketing is Digital Brand Engagement. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks.

    Digital Marketing can be through Non-internet channels like TV, Radio, SMS, etc or through Internet channels like Social Media, E-mails ads, Banner ads, etc. 

    Social Media Marketing is a component of digital marketing. Many organizations use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels; however, digital marketing is becoming more popular with marketers as it allows them to target and track many aspects[1] including their Return on Investment (ROI) more accurately compared to other traditional marketing channels.
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