Soilborne diseases list

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  1. Tetanus
    • CA=Clostridium tetani
    • CH= Gram (+), bacillus, found in soul, obligate anaerobe, endospore former.
    • VF= Potent neurotoxin (secreted by dead bacteria)
    • Transmission= 1- puncture of skin, deep tissue wound (rusty nail). 2- spore inhalation
    • S= Muscle spasms, failure of respiratory system, death.
    • D= no diagnosis
    • Treatment= Tetanus immunoglobulin treatment (TIG)
    • PM= child; DTaP, adult TDaP. Td booster(every 10 yrs.)
  2. Gangrene/ gas gangrene
    • CA= Clostridium perfringens
    • CH= Gram(+), bacillus, found in soil, obligate anaerobe, endospore former.
    • VF=
    • Transmission= 1- puncture of skin, deep tissue wound (rusty nail), 2- spore inhalation.
    • S= wound =s injuries- ischemia leads to anaerobic conditions & death of tissue (necrosis) irreversible soft tissue damage (gangrene).
    • D= observation of necrotic tissue.
    • T= Hyperbaric chamber, surgical removal of necrotic tissue; amputation.
    • PM=
    • PF= Diabetes, Frostbite.
  3. Histoplasmosis
    • CA= Histoplasma capsulatum 
    • CH= Dimorphic; yeast-like & mold-like
    • VF= 37 degrees, multiplies in macrophages, <35 degrees; develops in sporangium 
    • Reservoir=birds & bats->drop in soil-> air
    • Transmission= airborne conidia from soil contaminated with droppings.
    • S= Mostly sub clinical resembling to TB (fever) can become progressive.
    • D= culturing the fungus, x-ray shows lung lesion, tuberculin test
    • Treatment= Antimycotic drugs (antifungal)
    • PM=
    • PF=
  4. Coccidiomycosis
    • CA= Coccidiodes immitis 
    • CH= Dimorphic fungus
    • VF=
    • Transmission= Airborne arthrospores.
    • S= Fever, night sweats, coughing (TB-like symptoms).
    • D= 1 isolation of spherules, serological test, 2 skin test.
    • Treatment= Antimycotic drugs (antifungal)
    • PM= wear mask, dampen soil.
  5. Hookworm infection
    • CA= Necator americanus
    • CH= Phylum nematoda
    • VF= Filarial larvae= infectious, hook shaped body and special mouth, sharp tail.
    • Transmission= contact; walking barefoot in contaminated areas.
    • S= anemia fatigue, nutrient depletion.
    • D= Parasite egg in feces.
    • T= antiparasitic drugs (Mebendazole)
    • PM= wearing shoes.
  6. Ascariasis
    • CA= Ascaris lumbricoides.
    • CH= Phylum nematoda.
    • VF= Large # of worms may block the intestine; eggs containing larvae are infectious.
    • transmission= ingestion of dirt.
    • S= anemia & fatigue.
    • D= parasitic eggs and adult worms in feces.
    • Treatmern= Mebendazole
    • PM= washing hands/ better sanitary conditions
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