3.6 Male Reproductive System

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  1. 3 functions of the male reproductive system
    -produce spermatozoa

    -produce androgens

    -facilitate fertilization
  2. Functions of male reproductive system) Produce spermatozoa
    • -male germ cell
    • *gamete
  3. Functions of male reproductive system) produce androgens
    • Male sex hormones
    • *testosterone
  4. Functions of male reproductive system) facilitate fertilization
    • copulation
    • *sexual intercourse
  5. 2 functions of testes
    • -production of gamete
    • *gametogenesis
    • **specifically called spermatogenesis

    -production of testosterone
  6. What is spermatogenesis?
    Produce spermatozoa in the male
  7. Where are the testes located?
    • In the scrotum
    • *outside of the body cavity
  8. Temperature and testes
    • Testes are maintained at a lower temp than the internal body
    • *2-3 degress
  9. (testes) Maintaining the ideal temp is important because
    • It is essential for normal sperm production
    • *spermatogenesis
  10. *Study the decent of testes during fetal development on the side*
  11. Testicular structure ) Tunica vaginalis
    • Double layer of peritoneum
    • -superficial to tunica albuginea
  12. Testicular structure ) Tunica albuginea
    Dense connective tissue layer
  13. Testicular structure ) seminiferous tubules
    • Produce sperm
    • *they are lobules in rows within the testicle
  14. Seminiferous tubule ) aka
    Sperm factories
  15. Seminiferous tubule ) on the walls, spermatogenic cells are located. What are these?
    • These are sperm forming cells that are in various stages of cell division
    • *within the sperm factory
  16. Seminiferous tubule ) Sertoli cells AKA
  17. Seminiferous tubule ) functions of sertoli cells (2)
    -protect and nourish the spermatogenic cells

    -produce the hormone inhibin that controls sperm production
  18. Seminiferous tubule ) interstitial cells of leydig
    They produce testosterone
  19. Male duct system) 5 structures
    -seminiferous tubules

    -tubulus rectus

    -rete testis

    -efferent ductules

  20. Male duct system) epididymis (2)
    Storage for spermatozoa

    • This is where they become mature
    • *capacitation= maturation process
  21. Male duct system) vasa deferens
    • -transports sperm to the ejaculatory duct in the prostate gland
    • *at prostates gland, they become part of semen
  22. Vasectomy cuts
    vas deferens
  23. Vas Deferens passes through the
    Inguinal canal
  24. Vas deferens enters the pelvis via
    spermatic cord
  25. Which 2 structures forms the ejaculatory duct?
    Vas deferens ampulla

    Duct of the seminal vesicle gland
  26. Where is the ejaculatory duct located?
    In the prostate gland
  27. Ejaculatory duct opens into
    Prostatic urethra
  28. 3 parts of urethra?


    -spongy or penile
  29. Accessory glands) Seminal vesicles , location (2)
    -posterior to bladder

    -lateral to  ampulla vas deferens
  30. Accessory glands) prostate gland (2)
    -below base of bladder

    -Contains proximal 1/3 of urethra
  31. Accessory glands) bulbourethral glands empties into
    Spongy urethra
  32. Accessory glands) what does protate gland secrete and what does it do
    -produces milky white secretion that activates sperm
  33. Accessory glands) what does the bulbourethral gland secrete?
    • pre-copulatory products that males secrete when aroused that neutralizes environment
    • *pre-Cum
  34. Spermatic cord contains (3)
    -testicular artery

    -vein plexus

    -vas deferens
  35. Spermatic cord is covered by?
    Cremaster muscle
  36. What does Cremated muscle do?
    • Control testes location by pulling them up or hanging them down depending on the temperature
    • *skeletal muscles
    • * *works with smooth muscle Dartos muscle
  37. Smooth muscle in scrotum that controls testes location with Cremaster muscle?
  38. Pens) 4 main components of it



    -external urethral opening
  39. Pens) root contains 3 structures

    -2 Crush (means legs)
  40. Pens) 2 tissues
    -corpus spongiosum

    -corpora cavernosa
  41. Pens) corpus spongiosum
    Contains spongy/penile urethra
  42. Pens) corpora cavernous (there are 2 of them)
    • -erectile tissues only
    • *this fills with blood to erect pens
  43. Ischiocavernosus muscle
    Covers crura of corpora cavernosa of the penis
  44. Ischiocavernosus muscle) Action
    • Helps to maintain erection by compressing veins
    • *keeps blood within
  45. Ischiocavernosus muscle) innervated (3)
    pudendal nerve S2,3,4
  46. Bulbospongiosus muscle )
    Covers the base of the penis
  47. Bulbospongiosus muscle ) action (2)
    Empties urethra

    Helps maintain erection by compressing veins
  48. Bulbospongiosus muscle ) innervated (3)
    pudendal nerve S2,3,4
  49. Nervous innervation ) Parasympathetic (2)
    -pelvic splanchnic S2,3,4

  50. Nervous innervation ) Sympathetic (2)
    -L1-2 post ganglionics

  51. Nervous innervation ) somatic
    Pudendal nerve S2,3,4 to skeletal muscles
  52. Male reproductive organs blood supply) 2 vessels
    -testicular (gonadal) vessels (artery)

    -branches of internal iliac artery
  53. Male reproductive organs blood supply) testicular (gonadal) artery (vessels) supply
    The testes
  54. Male reproductive organs blood supply) branches of internal iliac artery supply
    The rest of the pelvic organs besides testes
  55. Homologues is
    Embryonic organs which differentiate into reproductive analogs
  56. Analogs) scrotum
    Labia majora
  57. Analogs) penile skin
    Labia minora
  58. Analogs) penis
  59. Analogs) bulb of penis
    Vestibular bulb
  60. Analogs) glans of penis
    clitoral glans
  61. Analogs) crus of penis
    Clitoral crura
  62. Analogs) foreskin
    Clitoral hood
  63. Circumcision) what is it?
    Removal of penile foreskin
  64. Circumcision) does it affect fertility or pleasure?
  65. Circumcision) why eprfoomed?
    Many reasons like religion, cultural, traditional, reduce risk of STDs
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