All about Vodka

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  1. Vodka
    • Vodka comes from the Russian word voda "little water"
    • Fermenting grain, fruit, or vegetables that are distilled to at least 190 proof
    • Bottled at 80-110 proof
    • No distinctive character, aroma, taste
    • Filtered through charcoal
    • Diluted with water (key ingredient)
  2. Flavored Vodka
    • Generally 60-80 proof
    • Achieved by soaking in desired additives for 1-10 days and strained
    • Slightly sweetened to complimet the flavor

    coffee beans, herbs, fruit, peppers
  3. Flavored Vodka Brands
    • Absolut- citron, mandarin
    • Hanger One- lime, mandarin
    • Jeremiah Weed
    • Ketel One- citroen
    • Stoli- blueberi, razzberi, vanil
    • Three Olives- cherry, grape, mango
  4. Vodka Brands
    • Russian standard
    • absolut- sweden
    • belvedere- poland
    • ciroc- france
    • grey goose- france
    • hanger one- california
    • jeremiah weed
    • ketel one- poland
    • stoli- russian
    • three olives- english
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