1750: Electrolytes EXAM II

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  1. Na+

    What are some causes of Hypo Na+ (2)
    Decreased Na+ intake; Increased H2O intake.
  2. Na+

    What are some S/SX of FVD in hypoNatremia?

    What are the S/SX of FVE in hypoNatremia?

    <115 in Na+ serum can lead to death (increases ICP)
    • Poor turgor
    • Dry mucus
    • Ortho HypoTN
    • N
    • Ab. cramps

    • FVE: 
    • Edema
    • Crackles
    • Ascites
    • JVD
  3. Na+

    What are some Tx for hypoNatremia if d/t Na+ intake decrease? (solutions)

    If hypoNatremia d/t increased H2O?
    LR or NS.

    If d/t H2O increase, RESTRICT fluids to 800 mL/day.
  4. Na+.

    How do you manage hypoNatremia?
    • Monitor I/O
    • Wt
    • Diet: high in Na+ (tomato juice, beef broth).
  5. Na+

    What are some causes of hyperNatremia?

    (which age group and types of Pts)
    Elderly that are deprived of fluid.

    Unconsious pts.

    Diarrhea, DM, burns.
  6. Na+

    What are some S/SX of hyperNatremia?

    Severe hyperNatremia can cause brain damage.
    • Delusions
    • Behavior changes
    • *thirst
  7. Na+

    How is hyperNatremia treated and managed?


    Which medication removes Na+?
    Hypotonic solution: 0.3% NaCl, 0.45% NaCl, D5W.

    • Offer fluids frequently: PO, IV, NG.
    • Diet: decrease Na+; daily weight.

    Furosemide removes Na+.
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