Chemistry Chapter 8

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  1. Chemical reactions
    just rearrangements of atoms
  2. #A(g) + #B(g) --> #C (g)
    • A and B are reactants that yields C which is the product
    • number in front is coefficient
  3. triangle
    means heat
  4. diatomic molecules
    don't forget diatoms are O2 etc
  5. Nonmetals
    • S8
    • P4
    • Diatomic Molecules (Brion Claps his face)
  6. when balancing chemical equations
    both sides must balance
  7. helpful hints:
    • find coefficient for compounds before elements¬†
    • balance oxygen last
    • keep polyatomic together IF they're on both sides
  8. Categories of Chemical Reactions
    • Combination
    • Decomposition
    • Combustion
  9. Combination
    • 2 or more reactions --> product
    • ex NH3 + HCl --> NH4Cl
  10. Decomposition
    • opposite of combination reaction¬†
    • ex CaCO3 plus heat --> CaO + CO2
  11. Combustion
    hydrocarbon substance + O2 plus heat --> CO2 + H2O
  12. Combustion Analysis
    • Determination of a Empirical Formula¬†
    • flash back empirical is the ratio in which the atoms are
  13. box to figuring out how many g atom in a #g compound
    gA, molar mass A, mole A, mole ratio, mole B, molar mass b, grams B
  14. limiting reactant
    no matter how much you have of one thing, you can't do anything unless you have the other "ingredients"
  15. percent yield
    % yield = actual yield (from experiment/theoretical yield (max yield) x 100
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