Chemistry Chapter 9 pt 1

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  1. Mixtures
    • homogeneous (uniform)
    • heterogenous (ie gas - air, liquid - salt water, solid - brass).
  2. Solute
    present in smaller amount
  3. solvent
    present in the larger amount
  4. solute + solvent =
  5. Electrolytes
    • used for transmission of electrical impulses in body (Na+/K+)
    • Conducts electricity when dissolved into H2O
  6. Nonelectrolyte
    doesn't conduct electricity when dissolved into water
  7. Strong electrolyte

    NaCl(s) plus water ---> NaCl (aq)
    • NaCl dissasociates into respective ion 
    • NACl(s) plus water --> Na+(aq) + Cl-(aq)
  8. Ionization
    when turn into ions... after yield
  9. Acid
    compound that produces H+ in water when dissolved
  10. Base
    Compound that produces OH- when dissolved
  11. Side note about electrolytes
    Strong electrolytes disassociate completely
  12. 7 strong acids
    • HCl 
    • HBr
    • HI
    • HNO3
    • HClO3
    • NClO4
    • H2SO4
  13. Weak electrolyte
    • produces ions but molecule predominately exists
    • ie weak acids, weak bases, and other molecular compounds

    Have DYNAMIC equilibrium <---> arrow
  14. weak bases are...
    nitrogen derived
  15. Precipitation Reaction
    Insoluble reactants form a precipitate

    This is the one that mix matches the cations
  16. Solubility
    The maximum amount of solute you can dissolve in a given amount of solvent at a specific temperature
  17. Molecular Equations...
    predict the products..
  18. Ionic Equations
    shows ions if aq and precipitate as a solid
  19. Net ions
    only show ions that form precipitate (other stuff cancels if on both sides) and is based on solubility
  20. Summary for precipitation reactions
    1. Balanced molecular equation (assume cations trade anions and write physical states) 

    2. Write ionic equations by separating strong electrolytes into ions

    3. Write net ionic equations by canceling out spectator ions (ions that appear on both sides)
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