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  1. 18th europe
    forged from colonial expansion
    -extraction of raw materials
    -from foreign terrritory
    production of goods
    -factories need labor
    Disrupt cultural patterns
    -profound restructuring of societies and way of life
  2. Pattern emerges;
    population shift
    -rural to urban
    changes to family life
    -extended to nuclear
    for the individual sense of isolation
    Strong ties related to occupation
    -one's identity
    Rapid Sociocultural Changes
  3. Ensure security and survival of the state. support state interest/ goals.
    State policy
  4. know genoside and ethnoside
  5. Due to essential nature of state
    Threatened with;
    Indigenous People
  6. Schism between:
    Industrial nations: value rationality and individualism.
    Non-industrial nations: tradition and kinship
  7. Bordered geo-political entities

    Nationalism: national identity

    principal actors=shape global politics
  8. States only recognize other states

    form economic relations

    privileged trade status
    Contemporary international law
  9. United Nations:
    legitimize international coalitions
    Alliances forged over common interest
    International Political Organizations
  10. Statues pursue power through

    Position in global political-economic system
  11. Shifting Balances of Power

    Alliances always subject to change

    Affects are felt on global scale
    Shifting Balance of Power
  12. Opposing great powers: World War II

    Axis powers: Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and imperialist japan.

    Allied powers: United States, Britain, and Soviet Union.

    Race for nuclear weapons
    Nation-States at War
  13. Determent to nuclear warEach State Sufficient nuclear power to destroy other
    Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)
  14. Face off.

    U.S and U.S.S.R (former soviet union)
    Enormous military build up
  15. Global alliances of military partners

    Both sought to dominate global arms markets
    World Superpowers
  16. Anthropological Perspective
    One world, many cultures
  17. No unilineal, predictable, unalterable pattern for cultural evolution
    Anthropological perspective
  18. Indigenous cultures: disruption from external forces
    No isolated groups today

    Conflict resolution and reduction
    through understanding of global interaction and effects to people
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