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  1. Francis of Assisi (vocab)
    • St. Francis
    • Live simple (simplicity)
    • Beggar, tried to live poor like Christ
    • Afflicted with stigmata
    • He was not officially ordained
  2. Stigmata (vocab)
    • Wounds of Jesus
    • Being afflicted with passion of the Christ.
    • Example: holes in your hand
  3. Heresy (vocab)
    False doctrine
  4. Reactions to Heresy (short answer)
    • 2nd time the Spanish expelled Jews/Muslims from Spanish borders
    • Persecutions and Inquisitions "to root" out heresy in church
    • Thought Catholic church was Church of Satan
    • Rise of popularity of Cathars (Albigensians)
    • This was a time after the ending of The Crusaders
    • Formation of Dominican order of friars and nuns - Burned books of Cathars
  5. The Black Death (vocab)
    • Bubonic Plague
    • Killed 1/3 of Europe's population
    • Rise of interest in humanism and science
    • Religious reactions:
    •     1. Sufferers relate to suffering of Christ
    •     2. Hang crucifixes on door
    •     3. Wear flowers to "ward off evil"
    •     4. Reading of final rites
  6. Martin Luther (vocab, T/F, short answer)
    • Posted 95 Theses (95 complaints)
    • Posted complaints in public (cathedral doors)
    • Monk-Scholar (read Latin, Greek)
    • Change the language from Latin to German
    • Disagreed with "traditions" of Church
    • Began "protesting" against the church for "reformation"
    • Reform the church
    • Lived in Europe
    • Taught priesthood of all believers
    • Pope writes him to stop
  7. Luther Taught (part of Martin Luther short answer)
    • Five "Solas":
    • Sola Fide (faith each person has with God)
    • Sola Scriptura (scripture alone, 4% can't read, sole source of authority)
    • Sola gratia (grace alone)
    • Solo Christo (salvation through faith in Christ alone)
    • Soli Deo gloria (glory/worship only one God)
  8. Church of England (vocab)
    • Anglican (UK)
    • Episcopalian (American)
    • King Henry the 8th created this church so he could divorce is wife
  9. John Calvin
    • From Switzerland
    • Doctrine of Predestination from Augustine
    • Only the elites where saved by God Adopted
    • Idle hands are the devil's playground
    • Only the elites where saved by God Adopted
    • Luther's theology and doctrine
  10. Galileo Galilei (vocab)
    • Taught heliocentrism; one leader of scientific revolution
    • He knew physics, math, astronomy
    • Improved the telescope
    • Condemned as a heretic
    • Forced into house arrest
    • Funding cut off from Jesuit institutions
    • Published "Two New Sciences" while arrested
  11. Leonard Da Vinci
    • "Renaissance Man"
    • Polymath - talented at everything
    • Painted Mona Lisa, Last Supper
    • Might have been gay
    • Inventor; contributed to anatomy & geometry
    • Fear of failure
  12. Michaelangelo (vocab)
    • Painter - Creation of Adam
    • Sculptor - David, Pieta
    • Architect
    • Engineer
  13. Cathedral (vocab)
    • Latin; "seat" of a Bishop
    • Canterbury Cathedral
  14. Transubstantiation
    • Priest blessed bread and wine to represent the blood and body of Christ
    • Represented doctrine
  15. Puritans (vocab)
    • Pure follower
    • Tried to reform COE from within
    • Wanted simplification of doctrine & ritual
    • Wanted greater religious discipline
    • Formed political party
    • Major break from the COE in 1619
    • Resulted in multiple distinct movements
  16. Quakers
    • Quake when preaching
    • Known as "Society of Friends"
    • Priesthood of all believers
    • No leaders
    • "silent worship" - wait for presence of Holy Spirit
    • Nonresistance; nonviolence movement
    • They all sit in a circle facing each other
  17. Shakers (vocab)
    • Shake when preaching
    • Called "United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing"
    • Equality of sexes - practiced celibacy
    • Ecstatic worship - being possessed by Holy Spirit
    • Focus on "End of Times" - Coming of Apocalypse
    • They survived by adopting or converting
  18. Deism
    • The "natural theology"
    • God created earth and no longer interacts with earth
    • God as the "watch-maker" and "grand architect"
    • God exists within nature
    • Rejected supernatural claims (miracles)
    • Founding fathers wrote Deist
  19. Book of Mormon/Mormons (T/F, short answer, vocab)
    How is it different/similar of protestant?
    • Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    • Vision of golden tablets
    • Maroni wrote it (last prophet in America)
    • Joseph Smith found it
    • -used stone to read it
    • -Christ appears all over Americas
    • -emphasized visions, prophecies, experience of the Holy Spirit
    • -End of times
    • Nature of God - Jesus Christ as Father and Son
    • Nature of Jesus - 100% God
    • Prophets - Appointed as church presidents
    • Temples - Zion was built in America (New Jerusalem)
    • Proxy Baptism
  20. Liberation Theology (T/F)
    • Pope Francis is like Francis of Assisi
    • Pope from Latin America, Argentina
    • Concerns: poverty and wealth of church
    • Solution: priest should be advocates for the poor
  21. Fundamentalist
    Literal readings from the Bible
  22. Pentecostalism (short answer) - What is it? Where it came from? What they believe?
    • Descent of the Holy Spirit on disciples of Christ
    • Speak in tongue
    • Bible is inerrant (w/o error)
    • Being possessed by the HS
    • Evangelism - spread the Word of God
    • Direct baptism with the HS (God, Jesus)
    • Personal relationship with God (Jesus)
    • Snake-handling
    • Laying of hands - healing through the HS
    • Foursquares
  23. Foursquare Church (vocab)
    • Christ as savior, baptizer, healer and king
    • International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
    • Emphasizes experience of HS
    • interdenominational
    • Worldwide Evangelism
  24. Founding Fathers - Not puritans (T/F)
  25. Christianity in America (T/F)
    • Groups fleeing politics
    • Quakers/Shakers
  26. Contribution to the Renaissance (short essay)
    Name someone from the renaissance and their influence? What their interaction and contribution of the church?
    • Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Rise of Universities
    • Influx of Greek Scholars
    • Scientific community started to grow
    • Increase of skepticism
    • Wealth of church led to commissioned work
    • Revival of cities
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