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  1. Time required to reach steady state is dependent only on the _____________.
    rate of elimination/drug output
  2. Time to reach steady state is often estimated at _________.
    5 half-lives
  3. If a drug is infused at a different rate, __________ does not change but ___________ does.
    time to reach steady state steady state plateau
  4. The steady state plasma concentration is dependent upon the ___________.
    apparent volume of distribution
  5. Achieves the desired plasma concentration as soon as distribution is complete.
    loading dose
  6. The therapeutic objective is is to produce an ____________ that is _________________.
    average steady state plasma level; therapeutic window for the drug
  7. When a drug is given IV, bioavailability (F) is _______.
  8. Drug peaks __________ in the fasted animal, and the Cmax is _________ when compared to the fed animal.
    more rapidly; twice the level
  9. Because Acetominophen is absorbed in the small intestine, increased __________ allows it to reach it site of absorption more quickly.
    gastric emptying
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