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  1. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Ended the war with Mexico and whereby California became part of the US
  2. Appurtenant
    something annexed to another thing that may be transferred incident to it. That which belongs to another thing, such as  a barn, a dwelling, a garage, or an orchard, is incident to the land to which it is attached.
  3. Bundle of Rights
    Rights the law designates that accompany ownership: own, posses, use, enjoy, encumber, dispose of, and exclude those who do not share ownership
  4. emblements
    growing vegetable crops (personal property)
  5. fixtures
    Appurtenances attached to the land or improvements, which usually cannot be removed without agreement, as they become real property; for example, plumbing fixtures or store fixtures built into the property
  6. Right of appropriation
    The right given to the state to give permission to non riparian owner to take water from the lake or river
  7. Riparian Rights
    The right of a landowner to the water on, under, or adjacent to their land
  8. Trade Fixture
    Articles of personal property annexed to real property, but which are necessary to the carrying on of a trade and are removable by the owner
  9. Tests of a Fixture
    Method of attachment, adaptability, relationship of parties, intention of parties, and agreement between parties
  10. Real vs Personal Property
    Real: Land, that which is affixed to the land, that which is appurtenant or incident, that which is immovable by law
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