Script Supervising Quiz

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  1. What is the basic sequence?
    A series of shots connected together in continuity
  2. The basic sequence should include:
    • Change in image size
    • Change in camera angle
    • Cut aways
    • Overlapping action
    • Clean entrances and exits
  3. How much should a camera angle change?
    Between 30 and 45 degrees
  4. Overlapping action help the editor ____________________
    To cut on the action
  5. 180 degree axis
    An imaginary line used in flimmaking to make sure that coherent geographical and spacial relationships exist between characters and/or objects on screen
  6. Reversal of the line
    • Seeing actors cross the line
    • Camera physically crosses line during shot
    • Cut around it or neutral shots
  7. What happens if you jump the line?
    It disorients the viewers and they lose spacial awareness
  8. Direct continuity
    No time has lapsed
  9. Indirect continuity
    Time has lapsed
  10. Script breakdown contains
    • Notating and color coding script
    • Entering information into breakdown forms to be used as reference materials during production
  11. Why breakdown a script by hand?
    Puts you in command of the story and production details implemented or implied in the script
  12. Breakdown notation consists of:
    • Dividing the scenes from each other by lining the script
    • Underlining scene headings
    • Underlining any locations and suggested camera angles mentioned
    • Measuring all scenes in 1/8 page measurements
    • Pre-timing the script
    • Notate each scenes story day or night
    • Notate when direct or indirect continuity occurs
    • Make a photo copy
  13. Time and page tally
    All scene lengths and pre-timings
  14. Day and night transition breakdown
    List scenes in chronological order with synopses
  15. Day and night transition assumptions
    List and explain and assumptions concerning transitions
  16. Master breakdown
    Enter info from color coded/notated script
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