Biolchem 415: Lec. 1

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  1. What are the four major classes of biomolecules?
    Proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids
  2. What are proteins?
    Polymers built from amino acid monomers.
  3. What are five functions of proteins?
    Signal molecules, receptors, catalysts, structural building blocks, motors
  4. What is important to note about protein shape?
    Proteins folding specific 3-D shapes which are important for functionality
  5. What are carbohydrates main function?
    Fuel source
  6. Give an example of how carbohydrates store energy?
    Glycogen: branched polymer of glucose
  7. What are carbohydrates secondary function?
    Signal molecules--cells present carbohydrates on their surface for recognition
  8. What are nucleic acids built from?
    Monomers called nucleotides
  9. What are nucleic acid's main function?
    To store and transmit genetic information
  10. What are nucleic acid's other functions?
    Enzymes, structural, signaling
  11. T/F: can nucleotides serve as energy currency for the cell?
  12. What are the two types of nucleic acids?
    DNA and RNA
  13. What is the Central Dogma?
    • Describes the flow of genetic information
    • Image Upload
  14. What is gene expression?
    DNA makes RNA which makes protein
  15. What is replication?
    DNA is copied each time a cell divides into two new cells
  16. What is transcription?
    DNA is transcribed into an RNA copy
  17. What is translation?
    The information in RNA is translated into proteins
  18. What is DNA replication catalyzed by?
    DNA polymerase
  19. What does DNA pol do?
    Creates new polymers of DNA by joining 2'deoxynucleotides.
  20. Is DNA pol in replication precise?
  21. What enzyme makes new RNA by copying DNA information in transcription?
    RNA polymerase
  22. What does RNA pol do?
    Creates polymers of RNA from nucleotides
  23. How does translation work?
    The RNA nucleotide sequence specifies the amino acid sequence of the protein being translated
  24. Where does translation happen?
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