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  1. Chuan Xiong
    • rhizome
    • acrid, warm
    • Lv, Hr, Pc
    • activate blood circ, dispel stasis, relieve pain, expel wind in head, unblock meridian, moves qi inside the blood
    • move blood in head & ut, gyno
  2. Yan Hu Suo
    • tuber
    • bitter, acrid, warm
    • Sp, Hr, Lv
    • painkiller for blood stasis problems
    • pain in torso, fried w/ vinegar sedates Lv pain
  3. Yu Jing
    • tuber
    • acrid, bitter, cold
    • Lv, Gb, Hr
    • promotes blood circ, stop pain, move qi, clear heat, cool blood, treat jaundice
    • *only good for moving qi + blood
  4. Jiang Huang
    • rhizome (same plant as yu jing)
    • acrid, bitter, warm
    • unblock meridian Bi in upper limb, move qi/blood, stop pain, warm ut meridian
    • *common for jt pain of upper limb due to w/d & blood stasis
  5. Ru Xiang
    • tree resin
    • acrid, bitter, warm
    • Lv, Hr, Sp
    • qi, blood stagn caused by trauma & injury, generates flesh
    • mostly as powder for ext use
  6. Mo Yao
    • tree resin
    • acrid, bitter, neutral
    • = ru xiang,¬†
    • ruxiang moves qi ¬†better, mo yao moves blood better
  7. Wu Ling Zi
    • dried feces
    • bitter, salty, sweet
    • Lv
    • invigorates blood & stop bleeding
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