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  1. acumen
    keen, accurate judgment or insight
  2. aver
    to state as a fact; to declare or assert
  3. bolster
    to provide support or reinforcement
  4. eccentric
    departing from norms or conventions
  5. evanescent
    tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing
  6. fervent
    greatly emotional or zealous (noun form: fervor)
  7. germane
    relevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter
  8. grandiloquence
    pompous speech or expression (adj. form: grandiloquent)
  9. hackneyed
    rendered trite or commonplace by frequent usage
  10. halcyon
    calm and peaceful
  11. hedonism
    devotion to pleasurable pursuits, esp. to the pleasures of the senses (a hedonist is someone who pursues pleasure)
  12. idolatrous
    given to intense or excessive devotion to something (noun form: idolatry)
  13. impassive
    revealing no emotion
  14. impunity
    immunity from punishment or penalty
  15. infelicitous
    unfortunate; innapropriate
  16. malevolent
    having or showing often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred (noun form: malevolence)
  17. mendacity
    the condition of being untruthful; dishonesty (adj. form: mendacious)
  18. pedagogy
    the profession or principles of teaching, or instructing
  19. pine
    to yearn intensely; to languish; to lose vigor
  20. pirate
    to illegally use or reproduce
  21. pith
    the essential or central part
  22. platitude
    a superficial remark, esp. one offered as meaningful
  23. plummet
    to plunge or drop straight down
  24. polemical
    controversial; argumentative
  25. profuse
    given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
  26. proliferate
    to grow or increase swiftly and abundantly
  27. queries
    questions; inquiries; doubts in the mind; reservations
  28. rancorous
    characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment (noun form: rancor)
  29. recalcitrant
    obstinately defiant of authority; difficult to manage
  30. rescind
    to invalidate; to repeal; to retract
  31. reverent
    marked by, feeling, or expressing a feeling of profound awe and respect (noun form: reverence)
  32. solvent
    able to meet financial obligations; able to dissolve another substance
  33. subpoena
    a court order requiring appearance and/or testimony
  34. succint
    brief; concise
  35. superfluous
    exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
  36. tenacity
    the quality of adherence or persistence to something valued; persistent determination (adj. form: tenacious)
  37. tenuous
    having little substance or strength; flimsy; weak
  38. transient
    fleeting; passing quickly; brief

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