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  1. an immature erythrocyte that still contains RNA remnants in the cytoplasm is?
  2. A decrease below the normal number of reticulocytes in the circulating blood
  3. an increase above normal number of reticulocytes in the circulating blood is?
  4. What are two dyes (stains) used to stain reticulocytes?
    • new methylene blue 
    • brilliant cresyl blue 
    • both isotonic solution
  5. Why would a reticulocyte count be ordered?
    • to determine the cause of low RBC count or anemia
    • to classify the type of anemia
    • monitor the effectiveness of anemia treatment
  6. T or F: the reticulocyte count estimates the number of immature RBC in the circulating blood. therefor it is an indirect way of estimation erythropoiesis ( RBC production)?
  7. How is a standard reticulocyte count performed?
    • Dried smear is examined microscopically with oil immersion objective
    • total of 1000 RBC are counted
    • Number of reticulocytes observed per 1000 RBC is recorded 
    • Reticulocytes are counted twice- once as retic, once as red cell.
  8. How is the Miller reticle used to perform a reticulocyte count?
    • The Miller reticle imposes two squares—a large square and a smaller inner square 
    • For each field of view, the number of reticulocytesis counted in the entire large square (including the small square)and recorded;
    • all red cells lying within the small square arecounted, including reticulocytes, and that number is recorded asred cells.
    • This is repeated for several fields until 100 to 200 redcells have been counted in the small squares and recorded.
  9. What is the normal reticulocyte reference range for adults? For newborns?
    • adult: 0.5-1.5%
    • newb: 2.5-6.5%
  10. What conditions can cause reticulocytosis?
    • Hemolytic anemia
    • Hemorrhage
    • Living a high altitudes
    • Heavy smoking
    • Factor deficiencies (folate, iron, B12)
  11. What conditions can cause reticulocytopenia?
    • Aplastic anemia
    • Vitamin B12 deficiency 
    • Iron deficiency anemia
    • Bone marrow failure
  12. State the formula for calculating a standard reticulocyte count.
    % Retics = (# Reticulocytes counted / # RBC counted ) x 100
  13. Formula for the absolute reticulocyte count
    • Absolute reticulocyte count =
    • RBC count x % Reticulocytes
  14. Formula for  corrected reticulocyte count ?
    Correctedretic count =

    Retic count(%) x ( Patient Hct/45)
  15. nontoxic dye used to stain living cells or tissues
    supravital stain
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