Circulation Principles for Retail

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    Linear: Clear and efficient

    A front-to-back central spine may be used for narrow stores. it may be uninterrupted path or may include a central island that customers walk around.
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    Loop: Convenient and effective

    For stores with a central display zone and perimeter zones. While walking along the loop customers will have access to perimeter zone and central islands.
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    Nodal: Possible with a linear or loop circulation.

    circulation paths cross spaces where an event takes place. the event could be a focal display or juncture where the space expands
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    Organic Linear: Movement is primarily front to back and side to side.

    This circulation scheme is derived from the available walking space defined by the location of display fixtures and islands.
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    Diagonal: Movement is primarily front to back but at angles rather than straight lines
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    Organic Free: Circulation  is determined by the location of the perimeter and floating fixtures. arrangement is organic and free flowing.
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