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  1. In Texas, the executive branch of government is referred to as the ___ because its members are elected rather than appointed by the governor.
    Plural Executive.
  2. The Salary for the governor of Texas for 2010-2011 is
    150,000 thousand a year.
  3. Acquiring a government job based on political loyalty, without regard to ability, is called
    political patronage
  4. A system that hires employees based on their expertise and competency is called a
    merit system
  5. One of the most contentious issues facing the SBOE (state board of Edu) in recent years has been?
    review of textbooks.
  6. The SBOE has caused embarrassment across the state and with the legislature due to its
    extremist and conservative ideological positions.
  7. State agencies are occasionally reorganized, merged, or abolished under a process called
    sunset review.
  8. The Texas Education Agency is headed by the
    commissioner of education
  9. How many community college districts are there in Texas?
  10. On the SBOE, conservative members tend to be
    anglo republicans
  11. The two "flagship" universities in Texas are
    UT and Texas A&M
  12. In the case of Univeristy of Cali V. Bakke (1978) The US supreme court ruled that ___ could be considered as one factor along with other criteria to achieve diversity in higher education.
  13. Procedural Committee
    These house committees consider bills and resolutions relating primarily to procedural legislative matters.
  14. Select Committee
    Created independently by the speaker, a select committee may consider legislation that crosses committee jurisdictional lines or may conduct special studies.
  15. Standing committee in the Senate
    A Senate committee appointed by the lieutenant governor for the purpose of considering proposed bills and resolutions before possible floor debate and voting by senators.
  16. Powers of the legislature
    Administrative powers: Whenever the governor appoints someone, those appointments must be approved by the senate with a 2/3 vote.
  17. Impeachment process
    Starts in the House of Reps with a simple majority vote on the accusation. if impeached he/she then moves to the senate for a trial where the senate acts as a jury. Takes a 2/3 vote to convict and the only punishment for impeachment is removal from office and disqualification from serving in office ever again.
  18. How does a bill become law?
    • It is introduced in the house, then the speaker of the house (leader of house of reps) then decides to which committee the bill will be sent to.
    • has three readings in the house then goes to the senate for its first reading. Senate has a committee consideration and report then has two more readings before returning the bill to the House. 
    • Has to be signed by governor.
  19. Conference Committee
    A committee composed of representatives and senators, both chambers, appointed to reach agreement on a disputed bill and recommend changes acceptable to both chambers.
  20. What is Chubbing?
    A practice whereby supporters of a bill engage in lengthy debate for the purpose of using time and thus preventing floor action on another bill that they oppose.
  21. Filibustering
    A delaying tactic whereby a senator may speak, and thus hold the Senate floor, for as long as physical endurance permits.
  22. Two-thirds rule
    A procedural device to control bringing bills to the Senate floor for debate
  23. Lack of constitutional powers
    Governor in Texas is considerably weak, because he has to share powers in an arrangement known as the Plural Executive which was created because of Edmund. J. Davis
  24. what are prerequisites or qualifications to become governor?
    Have to be 30 years old and a U.S. citizen. Have to have lived in Texas for 5 years.
  25. Term of office and term limit for governor
    term of office is for four years and their is no term limit so he can run as many times as he/she wants.
  26. Political Ideology of governors in Texas have been?
    Conservative to moderate, but mostly conservative.
  27. Line of succession for Governor.
    Lieutenant Governor AKA president of the senate. Then the president pro tempore of the senate, then the speaker of the house, attorney general, and last the chief justices of the courts of appeals, in the numerical order of the supreme judicial districts the courts serve.
  28. Executive Powers of the governor
    Appointive power, Recess appointments, advice and consent, Senatorial courtesy. Removal powers are limited to only his staff. Military powers, Law enforcement powers, and budgetary power.
  29. Legislative powers of the governor
    • Message power - gives state of the state address before every session of TX legislature.
    • bill-signing power - gets to sign bills into law.
    • veto power - Has the power to veto bills. However if he vetos the bill while it is still in session he can get overruled with a 2/3 vote. if it is out of session then they cannot over ride it.

    special sessions power - can call sessions of the legislature whenever he wants and lasts 30 days
  30. Governors bill signing
    Governor has 10 days to decide to sign bill, veto bill, or it becomes law. At the end of session he has 20 days to decide.
  31. Governors judicial powers
    Can grant full pardons, conditional pardons, and commutation of sentences.. although he requires recommendation from the board of pardons and paroles. 

    He can grant a reprieve on his own, generally a suspension of sentence applicable to death penalty situations. a 30 day stay of execution that the governor can grant on his own.
  32. members of the plural executive.
    people that the governor has to share powers with, largely independent of his control. 

    Lieutenant Gov 

    Attorney general - head lawyer of the state of Texas, and the advocate of child support cases. 

    The comprtoll of public accounts - Chief accountant, she collects all taxes and revenue 

    The commissioner of general land office - oversees the states land

    The commissioner of the agriculture - oversees dept of agriculture 

    The Secretary of State - Person who is the chief elections officer, and only person that the governor gets to appoint.
  33. SBOE
    populary elected 15 member body with limited authority over Texas k12 education system. Provides list for approved textbooks and is the most controversial issue.
  34. Public schools (ISD's)
    1040 school districts in 2003
  35. Charter Schools
    Alternative teaching schools. EX: Harmony and gateway
  36. TANF
    temporary assistance for needy families, the federal government pays a signifcant part of the cost of the state social welfare program, but within federal guidelines the states administer them, make eligibility rules, and pay part of the tab.
  37. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    Has the power to approve different degree programs for universities and com. colleges.
  38. Affirmative action
    EX: University v Bakke (1978) found that it is unconstitutional to use quotas but you can use race to achieve diversity as a means of acceptance along with other things.
  39. Medicaid
    services the impoverished and is very underfunded.
  40. Texas workforce commission
    Responsible for making unemployment payments eligible to workers who lose their job for no fault of their own and only applies to some employers.
  41. Board of regents
    An independent governing body that oversees a states public colleges and universities.
  42. SNAP
    a federally funded program that helps low-income families buy food from local stores and used to be known as food stamps.
  43. Human Services
    Responsible for educating us about diseases such as STD's, HIV, and AIDs.
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