Unit 33 review

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  1. A terminal unit in a hydronic system may be________unit
    Finned tube baseboardImage Upload
  2. boilers that have efficiencies over 90% are commonly referred to as
    condensing boilersImage Upload
  3. in a wet base boiler, the water being heated is located
    both above and below the combustion areaImage Upload
  4. All of the following are characteristics of a cast iron boiler are
    • they are classified as high-mass
    • they have long run times and off times
    • they typically contain between 15 and 30 gallonsImage Upload
  5. what are copper water boilers considered
    low mass boilers
  6. what does a limit control doImage Upload
    shuts the heat source down if the temp gets to hot
  7. the pressure relief valve does whatImage Upload
    is set to relieve pressure in the boiler below the maximum design pressure of the boiler
  8. the expansion tank provides a means of removing the air from the system as well as
    provides extra space for the water exspansion and contraction with water temp changes
  9. the parts of the centrifugal pump that spins and forces water through the system is the
  10. are centrifugal pumps positive displacement pumpsImage Upload
  11. where should the circulator be installed in the systemImage Upload
    point of no pressure change
  12. the air separator in a hydronic system does whatImage Upload
    seperates air from the water line
  13. what does the air vent in a hydronic system do
    removes  air from the water line
  14. where is the water pressure reducing valve located in a hot water hydronic systemImage Upload
    between the main water supply and the point of no pressure change
  15. what are zone valves controlled byImage Upload
  16. a flow control valve is also called_______valveImage UploadImage Upload
    check vave
  17. in a series loop hydronic system the heat piping system heats
    all of the heated water flow through all of the terminas
  18. in a primary-secondary pumping arrangement, the largest circulator pump will be located
    in the primary loop
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