Natural Law ethics

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  1. Who first invented Natural Law?
    Aquinas after reading Aristotle
  2. What are the four causes? (in order)
    • Material 
    • Efficient 
    • Formal
    • Final
  3. Is Natural Law absolutist or relativist?
    Natural Law is an absolutist morality, and must be followed without question in whatever circumstance
  4. How can a good action be defined from the bad under Natural Law?
    A good action is one that achieves the purpose for which it was designed
  5. What are the strengths of natural law?
    • Based on reason
    • Absolutist, meaning easy to apply
    • Straightforward
  6. What are the weaknesses of natural law?
    • Inflexible 
    • Assumes we are all rational human beings
    • No account taken of individual circumstances
  7. What is eudaimonia?
    Ultimate happiness
  8. What are the four types of law? (in order)
    • Eternal Law
    • Divine Law
    • Natural Law
    • Human Law
  9. What is eternal law?
    Laws given by God that govern the universe, humans cannot fully understand these
  10. What is divine law?
    The law of God as revealed through the Bible
  11. What is natural law?
    Morality, using our conscience to make decisions
  12. What is human law?
    Everyday laws that govern us, such as the legal system
  13. What is the material cause?
    What something is made of 

    e.g. humans are made of cells
  14. What is the efficient cause?
    The reason behind somethings existence
  15. What is the formal cause?
    whatever gives matter its form
  16. What is the final cause?
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