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  1. On what day does the Book of Numbers start?
    the 1st day, of the 2nd month (Ziv), of the 2nd year after the Exodus (Numbers 1:1)
  2. Who did Judah's three-tribe division consist of? What side of the tent of meeting were they facing?
    Judah, Issachar, & Zebuluin: to the East (Numbers 2:3- 8)
  3. Was Dan over one of the three-tribe divisions of Israel? Which tribes were he over? Which side of the tent of meeting were they stationed?
    Yes, Dan, Asher, & Naphtali; to the North
  4. Reuben was head of one of the three-tribe divisons of Israel. Who were in his division? Which side of the tabernacle did they occupy?
    Reuben, Simeon, & Gad, to the South (Numbers 2:10- 15)
  5. Who traveled in the middle, when the tent of meeting was being moved?
    the Levites (Numbers 2:17)
  6. Who did Ephraim's three-tribe division include? Which side were they placed?
    Ephraim, Manasseh, & Benjamin; to the West (Numbers 2:18- 23)
  7. What was the situation that caused Jehovah to make provisions for a late Passover?
    some men were made unclean by touching a dead body (Numbers 9:4- 14)
  8. On what day, was the late Passover to be held?
    in the second month, on the 14th day; Ziv 14 (Numbers 9:9- 11)
  9. What would happen in the camp of the Israelites when two trumpets blasts were heard?
    the whole assembly was summoned to the tent of meeting (Numbers 10:3)
  10. Jehovah instructed Moses to make two silver trumpets. What were they for?
    to summon the assembly & to break camp (Numbers 10:2)
  11. If only one trumpet was blown, what would happen?
    only the chieftains would gather at the tent of meeting (Numbers 10:4)
  12. Who blew the trumpets in Israel?
    Aaron's sons, the priests (Numbers 10:8)
  13. Blowing fluctuating trumpet blast signaled what?
    it meant the camp was to depart. first, w/ the camp to the East. Second, w/ the camp to the South. etc. (Numbers 10:5, 6)
  14. On what four joyous occasions were the trumpets to be blown?
    • (1) festivals
    • (2) beginning of months
    • (3) over burnt offerings
    • (4) over communion offerings (Numbers 10:10)
  15. In the second year, on the second month, on the 20th day, Israel departed from the wilderness of Si'nai. Where did the cloud settle?
    in the wilderness of Pa'ran (Numbers 10:11- 13)
  16. While in Ha.ze'roth, who were the two people who questioned Moses' authority & his taking of a Cushite wife
    Mir' & Aaron (Numbers 12:1- 16)
  17. How long was Mir' quarantined after she was stricken with leprosy?
    7 days (Numbers 12:14- 16)
  18. What was the name of the spy that represented the tribe of E' What did Jehovah change his name to?
    Ho.she'a; Joshua (Numbers 13:8, 16)
  19. How long did the 12 spies spy out the land of Ca'naan?
    40 days (Numbers 13:25)
  20. What comparison did the 10 spies who gave the bad report make of the people in Ca'naan?
    they compare they to the neph'i.lim & the sons of A'nak (Numbers 13:32, 33)
  21. Once the nation of Israel heard the bad report given by 10 of the 12 spies, what did they say?
    • (1) If only we had died in the land of Egypt or this wilderness
    • (2) let us appoint a leader & return to Egypt (Numbers 14:2- 4)
  22. After Jehovah heard Israel's reaction to the bad report in the wilderness, what was He going to do to Israel? And what did he offer to do with Moses?
    (1) He was going to strike Israel with pestilence & drive them away

    (2) then, make Moses into a nation greater & mightier than Israel (Numbers 14:11, 12)
  23. How did Jehovah punish Israel for their faithlessness, after they heard the bad report from the 10 spies?
    Israel was to spend 40 years in the wilderness until all those registered 20 years old & up died. (Numbers 14:20- 38)
  24. What were the two reasons Jehovah command the nation of Israel to put fringed edges on their garments?
    • (1) so, they wold remember & observe the commandments of Jah
    • (2) and so they would not follow there own hearts & eyes and comment spiritual prostitution (Numbers 15:37- 41)
  25. What happened among the Israelites before Jehovah required them to put fringed edges on their garments?
    a man was found collecting wood on the sabbath (Numbers 15:32- 36)
  26. While in the wilderness of Pa'ran, the Israelites went toward the mountainous region to face the A.mal'ek.ites & Ca'naan.ites and were defeated. Why did Israel loose this battle?
    Because they murmured against Jehovah after the bad report, Jehovah was not them (Numbers 14:39- 45)
  27. What happened to the 10 spies who brought back the bad report?
    they were struck down & died before Jehovah! (Numbers 14:36, 37)
  28. Where was the first census taken? Where was the second census taken?
    • the wilderness of Si'na.i (Numbers 1:1- 3)
    • the Plain of Mo'ab (Numbers
  29. Who is the brother of'ram? What tribe were they from?
    Da'than; Reu'ben (Numbers 16:1)
  30. How was the rebellion of Kor'ah, Da'than, &'ram settled?
    • in the morning, Kor'ah & his 250 supporters took fire holders & incense to present to Jehovah in front of the tent of meeting. Aaron did also. 
    •     the assembly was told to move away from the tents of Kor'ah, Da'than, &'ram!
    •     then the earth swallows there families up (Numbers 16:16- 35)
  31. What was done with the fire holders of Kor'ah & his 250 supporters after they were burned in the fire?
    they were made into metal plates to overlay the altar (Numbers 16:36- 38)
  32. Why did Jehovah make the fire holders of Kor'ah & his supporters into metal plates to overlay the altar?
    since the men presented them before Jehovah, they became something holy (Numbers 16:38)
  33. What reminder did the thin metal plates that overlaid the altar serve as?
    it was to remind Israel, that no unauthorized person who is not of the offspring of Aaron should approach to burn incense before Jehovah & that no one should become like Kor'ah & his supporters (Numbers16:40)
  34. What started the scrouge after Jehovah had rendered judgement on Kor'ah, Da'than &'ram? How many Israelites lost there lives as a result? How was the scrouge stopped?
    • the next day, the whole assembly began to murmur against Moses & Aaron says, "You two put Jehovah's people to death; 
    •    14,700 people died as a result; 
    •   the scrouge was stopped when Moses had Aaron burn incense on a fire holder to make atonement for Israel
    • (Numbers 16:41- 49)
  35. When Jehovah made a covenant for the kingdom with David, he said of the line of kings of David's dynasty: "I myself shall become his father, and he himself will become my son. When he does wrong, I will also reprove him with the rod of men and with the strokes of the sons of Adam. (2 Sa. 7:14) Who served as "the rod of men" when the kings of David's dynasty were disciplined?
    Here the rod of discipline that Jehovah as a Father would use was the Authority of the governments of the world, such as Babylon [IT- vol#2 pg 818 para. 2]
  36. Where did Mir' die? And in what month did she die?
    in the wilderness of Zin near Ka'desh; A'bib (Nisan) (Numbers 20:1)
  37. After the death of Aaron, the nation of Israel moaned his death for quite sometime. What Canaanite King attack Israel and took some Israelites away as captives?
    King A'rad (Numbers 21:1)
  38. How long did Israel maoan the death of Aaron?
    30 days (Numbers 20:29)
  39. What vow did Israel make to Jehovah, so that He would give King A'rad into there hand? Israel will devote them & there cities to destruction.
    Israel vowed to destroy King A'rad & his cities to destruction (Numbers 21:2, 3)
  40. After Israel devoted King A'rad & his cities to destruction , Jehovah sent poisonous serpents among the people. Why?
    Israel continued to murmur against Jehovah & Moses about the wilderness, no food, & no water (Numbers 21:4- 6)
  41. After the Israelites repented to Jehovah, how did people who were bit by the poisonous snakes, survive?
    Jehovah had Moses make a copper serpent & put it on a pole. So, any one who was biten could look at the copper serpent and survive (Numbers 21:7-9)
  42. After leaving Mt. Hor, Israel went around Edom. How many places did they camp? And name them?
    4 camps; (1) O'both (2) I'ye-ab'a.rim (3) the valley of Ze'red (4) the region of the Ar'non
  43. When Israel traveled around Edom where did Jehovah give them water?
    Be'er (Numbers 21:16)
  44. Israel conquer two Amorite Kings after Jehovah provided them with water at Be'er. Who were they? And which region did they rule?
    • King Si'hon, who ruled the region of Ar'non
    • King Og, he ruled Ba'shan, in the Reph'i.lim (Numbers 21:21- 35)
  45. Who fought in the battle of Ed're.i?
    Israel vs Og, King of Ba'shan (Numbers 21:33- 35)
  46. Who fought in the battle of Ja'haz?
    Israel vs Si'hon, King of the Amorites (Numbers 21:21- 30)
  47. When Ba'lak's delegation came to make Ba'laam an offer to curse Israel, What was the reward?
    payment for divination (Numbers 22:7)
  48. How many times did Jehovah's angel stand in the road causing resistance when Ba'laam was on his way to Ba'lak?
    3 times [IT- vol#1 pg. para.]
  49. How did Ba'laam's donkey seek to protect him when Jehovah's angel caused resistance on Ba'laam trip to Mo'ab?
    • (1) he turned into a field 
    • (2) he squeezed Ba'laam foot against a wall
    • (3) at last he lied down [It-vol#1 pg. para. ]
  50. How many times did Ba'laam seek Jehovah's permission to go to Ba'lak in Mo'ab?
    twice (Numbers 22:5- 21)
  51. When Ba'laam beat his donkey for being disobedient, how did Jehovah allow the donkey to respond?
    Jehovah allowed the donkey to speak "verbially" to Ba'laam (Numbers 22:27- 31)
  52. In the case of Ba'laam, Jehovah expressed his disappoval but at the same time allowed the individual personal choice, either to abandon his bad way or plunge ahead in his wicked course. This is similiar to who?
    Cain! And like Cain, Ba'laam was headstrong in disregarding Jehovah's will. [IT- vol#1 BA'LAAM pg. 244 para. 4]
  53. Why did Ba'laam rush headstrong into a course that was against Jehovah's will?
    Greed of a reward
  54. How many proverbial sayings did Jehovah have Ba'laam give?
    4 (Numbers 23:1- 25)
  55. I will see him, but not now; I will behold him, but not soon. A star will come out of Jacob, And a scepter will rise out of Israel. And he will certainly break apart the forehead of Mo'ab, And the skull of all the sons of tumult (Numbers 24:17) Who is the star & scepter of this proverbial saying?
    Jesus Christ
  56. (Nu 24:20) Says, "When he saw Am'a.lek, he continued his proverbial saying: "Am'a.lek was the first of the nations, But in the end he will perish. How did Jehovah fulfill this prophecy?
    500 Sim'e.on.ite me, went to Mount Se'ir & struck down the rest of the A.mal'ek.ites (1Ch 4:42, 43) (De 25:19) (1Sam 15:3)
  57. The Ken'ites were most likely a nomadic people. Ba'laam's 4th proverbial saying says of the Ken'ites: "How long will it be till As'syria will carry you away captive?" How possibly was this fulfilled?
    maybe some Ken'ites lived in the northern kingdom of Israel & surrounding areas. And were taken captive when Assyria invaded these territories (2Ki 15:29; 17:6)
  58. Kit'tim is mentioned in the 4th proverbial saying of Ba'laam. Many scholars associate Kit'tim with what area?
    the islands of Cyprus [IT-vol#2 pg. 178- 179]
  59. After they conquered the Amorite Kings, Si'don & Og, Israel remained on the plains of Mo'ab. They committed sexual immorality with the daughters of Midian & made sacrifices to there God. What was this location called? Which God did they make sacrifices to? What did Jehovah say should be done with the transgressors? How was Jehovah's angry halted? How many died?
    • Shit'tim (Numbers 25:1, 2)
    • the Ba'al of Pe'or (Numbers 25:3)
    • HE said they were to be hanged in broad daylight (Numbers 25:4)
    • Phinehas took a spear & killed an Israelite man and Midianite woman who came into the camp (Numbers 25:6- 8) 
    • 24,000 (Numbers 25:9)
  60. Because Phinehas tolerated no rival to Jehovah, HE made a covenant of peace with Phinehas. How was this covenant fulfilled?
    (Numbers 25:9)
  61. What was the name of the Israelite man & Midianite woman who came into the Israelite camp and were killed by Aaron's grandson Phinehas?
    • the Israelite male, Zimri, a Sim.e'on.ite
    • the Midianite female, Cozbi
    • (Numbers 25:14- 16)
  62. If a Israelite man dies without having sons. Who gains his inheritance? Who were involved with Jehovah making this decree?
    his daughters or his closest blood relative; the daughters of Ze.lo'phe.had (Numbers 27:1- 9; Joshua 17:3, 4)
  63. Why was Moses not allowed to enter the promise land?
    Because he along with Aaron, felled to sanctify Jehovah before the waters at Mer'i.bah at Ka'desh in the wilderness of Zin (Numbers 27:12- 14)
  64. Who made the request that their should be a replacement for Moses, for when he is gathered to his people on the mountain of Ab'a.rim? Who did Jehovah choose to replace Moses?
    Moses; Joshua the son of Nun (Numbers 27:12- 21)
  65. What did the daily offerings the priest made to Jehovah consist of?
    • (1) two sound year-old male lambs were offered, one at twilight & one in the morning, for a burnt offering
    • (2) a tenth of an e'phah of fine flour mixed with a fourth of a hin of beaten oil as a grain offering
    • (3) along with a fourth of a hin for a drink offering for each male lamb (Numbers 28:3- 8)
  66. In addition to the daily offering, what did the priest sacrifice to Jehovah on the sabbath day?
    • (1) two sound year-old male lambs as a burnt offering
    • (2) two tenths of an e'phah measure of fine flour mixed with oil as a grain offering
    • (3) and its drink offering (Numbers 28:9, 10)
  67. How many from the army of the Israelites died in their battle with Midian? Who did Israel kill along with the kings of Midian?
    None; Ba'laam (Numbers 31:48; 31:8)
  68. What did Jehovah, through Moses, command should be done with the captives from the battle with the Midianites?
    Jehovah commanded that all the men, boys, & women who've had sexual relations be killed but, female virgins were kept alive (Numbers 31:12- 18)
  69. When the tribes of Reu'ben & Gad approached Moses about land east of the Jordan, what was Moses' concern? What example did he allude to?
    that it would discourage the people; the 10 spies that gave the bad report (Numbers 32:6- 15)
  70. What was the vow the tribes of Reu'ben & Gad made as to the land east of the Jordan?
    if they were allowed to settle in the land, they would continue to fight with their brothers until the promise land was conquered (Numbers 32:
  71. What are the names of the cities of refuge on the east of the Jordan?
    Bezer, Ramoth, Golan (Deuteronomy 4:40)
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