Texas Govt Exam 3

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  1. How does the executive of Tx compare to other states' executives? To the U.S. executive?
    • -Tx governor is weakest chief executive. 
    • -Few formal powers
    • -U.S. Very responsive to war
  2. qualifications; selection method; term for governor in Tx
    Elected in off yrs in state wide elections because it avoids influence of presidential election. 4 yr term; no limits
  3. line of succession for tx governor office
    • 1. lieutenant governor
    • 2. Senate's president  pro tempore
    • 3. speaker of house
    • 4. Attorney General
    • 5. Chief Justices Tx court of appeals
  4. most significant gubernatorial power
  5. 2 main points of military executive power
    • 1. commander in chief over national guard
    • 2. can declare martial law
  6. 3 governor's legislative power
    • 1. message power (state of the state, budget power and any communication with legislature)
    • 2. veto power
    • 3. authority to call special legislative sessions and set their agenda
  7. 3 judicial powers for governor
    • 1. fill vacancies* on courts with 2/3rd approval by state senate
    • 2. grant pardons*
    • 3. give death row inmates 30 day reprieves
    • * with the recommendation of the board of pardons and parolees
  8. division of executive power among several elected officials
    plural executive
  9. what does the plural executive result in
    fragmented power
  10. the only official in the plural executive appointed by the governor is?
    Secretary of State
  11. lieutenant governor power-
    • president of state Senate- real power* 
    • *No real executive power, primarily legislative power
  12. 2 points for Secretary of State
    • 1. appointed by the governor
    • 2. primary responsibility of administering elections
  13. states chief civil lawyer
    Attorney General
  14. attorney general's advisory opinion-
    carries force of law unless overturned by court or legislature
  15. 3 Tx bureaucracy agencies and examples
    • 1. multimember boards appointed by Gov- public utilities commission
    • 2. Single officials- Tx dept of Insurances
    • 3. Multimember boards elected by people- state board of education
  16. what does the sunset advisory commission say?
    Every 12 yrs each agency has to justify existence
  17. What were the implications of bicameralism in the Tx legislature and its overall effect?
    • 1. law must be approved in both chambers
    • 2. Author of a bill has power to accept or reject changes to bill that are made by their chamber if changes are rejected the bill dies
    • 3. chambers need to cooperate to retaliate
    • --Bicameralism- more chances to kill or modify bill
  18. how many members in tx house of reps? senate? term limits?
    150 members in house; 31 in senate; no term limits for both
  19. composition of Tx legislature
    • 1. part time citizen legislature
    • 2. meet 140 days in odd number yrs
    • 3. citizen legislatures
    • 4. not represented
  20. Governor may call a special session to address:
    • 1. inability of legislature to complete its work
    • 2. if a problem arises
    • - agenda is set by governor and lasts no more than 30 days
  21. proposed law sponsored by a member of legislature and submitted to clerk of house or senate
  22. proposal made by a legislator that generally deals with the internal workings of the government
  23. 3 bills
    • 1. local bills
    • 2. special bills
    • 3. general bills
  24. affecting only units of local government
    local bills
  25. give an individual or corporation a special exemption from state law
    Special bills
  26. apply to all people and or property in the state
    general bills
  27. concurrent resolutions must pass?
    both houses and signed by the governor
  28. Joint resolutions must pass
    in both chambers but does NOT require governor's signature
  29. Simple resolution must pass
    does not require the governor's signature
  30. Who can write a bill
    anyone but only legislators can introduce a bill
  31. revenue bills must
    originate in house
  32. bills must pass the house and senate in Identical form, if they don't the bills are sent to a ____
    conference committee
  33. senate has right on
    unlimited debate (filibuster)
  34. what does it mean when a bill is pigeonholed
    bill is set aside and not brought to the attention of the committee
  35. a veto of a bill that occurs after the legislature adjourns, 20 days thus preventing the legislature from overriding it
    Post adjournment veto
  36. after 10 days becomes law
    no action veto
  37. Tx speaker of the house and lieutenant governor both can
    assign bills
  38. chief presiding officer of the house of representatives
    the speaker
  39. presiding officer of the senate and is elected by all tx voters
    lieutenant governor
  40. both speaker and L governor both have the power to
    control floor debate by recognizing who can speak
  41. Tx supreme court over
    all civil cases
  42. Tx court of criminal appeals over
    all criminal cases
  43. authority to review the decisions of lower courts to determine whether legal principles and court procedures were followed correctly
    appellate jurisdiction
  44. Trial courts:
    learn facts and determine how the law applies
  45. Appellate court is only concerned with?
    the application of the law
  46. jurisdiction over major civil and felony cases
    district courts
  47. smaller civil matters, probate cases and serious misdemeanors
    county courts
  48. term and selection method for the Tx supreme court and the Tx criminal court appeals
    Partisanal election-6 yr term
  49. 3 qualification for tx supreme court and court of criminal appeals justices
    • 1. must have been licensed to practice law for at least 10 years
    • 2. must be citizens of both the US and Tx
    • 3. must be at least 35 yrs old
  50. major difference between campaigns of civil court judges versus criminal court judges?
    civil requires a lot of money
  51. Why is it difficult for voters to determine which candidate to vote for in judicial elections
    voters who try to learn about candidates have difficulty due to the large number of candidates
  52. What negative effective do judicial campaigns have on the justices running for office?
    reduce judicial independence
  53. What was the purpose of the judicial campaign fairness act?
    limits contributions from individuals and law firms
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